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Turtle Head is a Puzzle, Adventure and Horror RPG game which is made by Pikasprey. This game draws inspiration from games such as Ao Oni and Clock Tower.


People has been reporting that they saw some strange things at the local high school at midnight. Some people are saying that a shadow figure was standing at the windows of the building, some people are saying that they heard the sound of the woman screaming coming from that building. But, those should be rumours, right?

Three students of that local school got curious about that activity and they sneak into that building at midnight to see that the rumours were true or not.


In this game, the player have to solve puzzles and ran away from the threats. And also, the player will across various notes that will tell them the story behind this horrific event.


1. Original Graphics

2. Original Artwork

3. Playtime 1-2 Hours (Approx.)

4. 3 Endings

5. Chase Sequences

6. Royality Free Music and Custom Sound Effect


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