Turtle Rock Studios Bringing More MP Madness in 2013

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The original Left 4 Dead creators, Turtle Rock Studios, are currently working on a new MP FPS. The former Valve owned studio which was once known as "Valve South", have struck a deal with publishers THQ to release a new MP FPS in 2013.  

There are no more details available at this point in time, but expect to hear more about this game at E3.  
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@Contro: This was already on a GiantBomb news article.
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@Winternet said:
@Contro: This was already on a GiantBomb news article.
Really, odd that it isn't linked to the forum. 
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@Contro said:

but expect to hear more about this game at E3.

So anyone see anything about this game at E3? I was just reading THQ's financial report that came out yesterday and this game is still supposed to be coming out this year, odd that they still haven't announced anything.

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