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The TW@ Internet Café is a location that is in all versions of Liberty City, and in several Grand Theft Auto games.

3D universe (GTA III and LCS)

TW@ as seen in GTA III.
TW@ as seen in GTA III.

TW@ first appears in Grand Theft Auto III, situated in the center of the Statuon Island. The building can only be accessed by breaking the glass, having no actual entrance (door). The computers are not interactive, but two of them show images from GTA 1 and GTA 2 respectively. The grand staircase inside serves as a ramp for one of the game's unique stunt jumps.

In GTA: Liberty City Stories (which takes place several years before GTA III's story) the internet cafe is still under construction.

HD universe (GTA IV, CW and V)

TW@'s HD universe logo as seen in GTA V.
TW@'s HD universe logo as seen in GTA V.

In the internet café in Grand Theft Auto IV, you are able to access the in-game internet to use some services, as well as visit other sites. The are 3 TW@ locations around Liberty City, one in each major island. The majority of the in-game internet, however, is used for humor. Among the useful things you can do are sending e-mails asking for dates and accessing your e-mail, which is necessary for some missions. There is also a website that gives the locations for various things around the game world, including the hidden "packages" (pigeons) that you have the option of hunting down. The clerk always greets the player when they enter the establishment (sometimes by name).

The TW@ internet café appears in GTA V's Los Santos (in the form of an easter egg) as a closed down business.

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