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    Twin Blades

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 18, 2009

    Fight against the approaching zombie horde in this Hack and Slash set in the medieval era, that combines a powerful scythe with upgradeable guns.

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    The Monastery grounds have been overrun with an unknown zombie plague, so the Inquisitor sends Sister Angelika to uncover the source of the evil. Together with her powerful Soul Redeemer, she sets out into the area to chop heads and discover what foul creatures have set loose this nightmarish infestation. Together with the advise of Father Ricardo, she will learn what happened to Magdalena, a missionary with whom she shares a special bond.


     - 6 range weapons ranging from a machine gun to a devastating Holy Beam.
    - Upgradable skills for your character which can be bought and strengthened.
    - Amazingly fluid graphics.
    - A mix of hip-hop and traditional sound to accompany the game.
    - A progressive difficulty which will challenge your dexterity for hours.


    Each level sets you off in a 2D scrolling area in which you need to dispatch a set number of undead and collect their hearts to trade in for upgrades. Each upgrade has 5 tiers and there's a possible 6 weapons to unlock that you can switch by pressing the shoulder buttons. The guns use Soul energy, which can be gained by slashing foes with your scythe. Each few levels have set boss battles with long health bars on the bottom of the screen. The goal is to reach the last level and beat the final boss and collect the highest score possible.

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