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Twingersnaps is the second form of the snake pinatas. The first being Syrupent and the last being Fourheads. Like all the snake forms, Twingersnaps attracts more Sour Bonboons to your garden and sometimes will fight the Bonboon.

Getting a Fourheads

To get a Fourheads you'll need to romance two Twingersnaps. To do that you'll need to do the following:
  • Each Twingersnap needs to eat 2 Poppy Seeds
  • Each Twingersnap needs to eat 1 Squazzil.
  • Have a Twingersnap house built in your garden.
After you do this and the Twingersnaps romance you'll recieve an egg. Have your shovel out and keep your eyes on the egg. It will hop a little like normal but right before it hatches it will do three big hops. On the last, biggest hop hit the egg with your shovel. A baby Fourheads should come out of the egg.  


Like all pinatas, Twingersnaps has 3 color variants it can turn by eating specific items.
For a Pink Twingersnap have it eat a Bottle of Medicine.
For a Purple Twingersnap have it eat a Snapdragon Seed.
For a Yellow Twingersnap have it eat a Venus Pinata Flower. 

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