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Twinmold's only appearance was in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Even though this is Twinmold's first appearance, it has many similarities to past (and future) bosses of the Legend of Zelda franchise. This includes Lanmolas, Moldorm, and more recently, Molgera. In Majora's Mask, Twinmold guards the last giant needed to save Termina, and acts as the boss that looms over the Stone Tower Temple. When defeated, this pair of large bugs yeilds their remains and a heart container.


Twinmold doesn't have any attacks. It winds around the arena aimlessly, and eventually runs into you, causing damage. It's usually pretty hard to avoid it, however, since the most popular way to defeat it is in a sword battle.


There are two methods of defeating Twinmold.

Giant's Mask-

Using the Giant's mask, Link becomes much larger than he usually is. This allows him to size up to the pair of bugs with an array of his weapons. The fastest way to get through the battle is through a sword fight (Use the Gilded Sword for this). Twinmold only has two weak spots: its heads and tails. Slash them when they are within range, and try to avoid damage. You can also use arrows and bombs. Both methods are slower than swords, so try to stick with that method. Fire Arrows and Ice Arrows work well, though. It takes 4 Fire Arrows to take down the Blue Twinmold, and it takes 4 Ice Arrows to take down the Red Twinmold. However, since the Giant's Mask uses magic, elemental arrows can deplete your flow of magic very quickly. Chateau Romani or green potions are both viable solutions to this issue.

Normal Link-

It is indeed possible to defeat Twinmold as normal Link. Using the above strategy of the elemental arrows, it can be relatively easy with a marksman. A large quiver and a full magic meter may be required for less than perfect archers. Bombs and normal arrows are still possible, but are even more difficult than the use of elemental arrows. Not to mention, it takes much longer.

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