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Twisted Fate is an assassin champion in League of Legends. He can be built for attack damage/speed or for high ability power. His ultimate lets him easily take out enemy champions and gain map control.


Twisted Fate was a talented gambler, but all the money in the world couldn't satisfy his one true desire, control of magic. Hearing of an experiment that could possibly gain him the powers he desired, Twisted Fate signed up to possibly gamble his life away. At first it seemed like the experiment hadn't done anything at all, Twisted Fate teleported himself miles away. He had finally gained what he was really after all those years, and would take as much advantage of it as he could.


Second Sight
Second Sight

Passive ability: Twisted Fate and all allied champions receive two more gold for every kill.

Wild Cards
Wild Cards

Active ability (Q): Twisted fate throws three cards out in a cone, dealing damage to all enemy units hit by them.

Pick a Card
Pick a Card

Active ability (W): Twisted Fate draws a card from the deck and throws it at an opponent). Casting a second time will pick the actual card which can result in a blue card (refunding mana upon hitting an opponent), a red card (splash damage and slows targets) or a gold card (stuns target).

Stacked Deck
Stacked Deck

Passive ability (E): Twisted Fate deals extra damage every fourth attack. Twisted fate also gains increased attack speed and decreased cooldowns every level.


Active ability (R): Twisted Fate's ultimate ability. Twisted fate reveals all enemy champion locations for six seconds. After he uses that the R skill turns into the skill Gate which allows Twisted Fate to teleport anywhere on the map at any time.

Important Note: Twisted Fate's Gate has recently been nerfed. There is now a very limited range on it. The range is from about the center of the bottom lane to just below the middle of the middle lane.


StatBase ValueGrowth Per Level
Movement Speed3050
Spell Block300
Health Regen0.90.12
Mana Regen0.80.06


Upon Selection

  • "Lady Luck is smilin'."


  • "Just the luck of the draw."
  • "Deal 'em."
  • "Doin' it."
  • "It's my lucky day."
  • "It's all in the cards."


  • "The house always wins."


  • "Only two Jokers in the deck and I get dealt with you."

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