Twisted Metal Small Brawl

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 26, 2001

    A bizarre case of missing the target audience entirely, Small Brawl was an action racing game for children, featuring child versions of the psychotic Twisted Metal characters controlling remote-controlled cars in enclosed deathmatches.

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    A smaller take on the popular Twisted Metal franchise and developed by the original team, Twisted Metal: Small Brawl has remote-controlled cars with weapons attached taking the place of the normal sized vehicular combat. The story revolves around a young Billy Calypso bullying kids around the neighborhood into his RC car competition.


    Crimson Fury - A British child who pretends to be a secret agent. Agent Stone wishes to thwart Calypso's evil plans and bring an end to his misdeeds.

    Hammerhead - A punk rock-loving teen who wants to become the world's greatest rock star.

    Mr. Grimm - A Halloween-obsessed child who wishes to find the mythical Halloween Land where it's Halloween everyday.

    Slam - The tallest and oldest kid in the competition, Slam wants revenge for Calypso destroying his beloved treehouse.

    Outlaw - The son of a police officer, driver Officer Roberts intends to bring Calypso to justice.

    Shadow - A bit of a science nerd, Mortimer wants to get his pet frog back which was stolen by Calypso.

    Spectre - A shy, withdrawn child who only wishes to find his long, lost father.

    Sweet Tooth - The youngest of the competitors, Sweet Tooth enters Twisted Metal simply to satisfy his sweet tooth.

    Thumper - Two "cool kids" who enter the competition hoping to get the ultimate sound system.

    Twister - A thrill-seeking lass, Twister hopes to find the fastest, most adrenaline-inducing ride.

    Warthog - A chubby kid with an interest for all things militant, Warthog hopes to get revenge on Calypso for being picked on for so long.

    Unlockable Characters/Vehicles

    Note: These characters do not have an ending.

    Axel - A two-wheeled RC car held by an action figure attached in the middle. Axel enters Twisted Metal simply to show-off his two-wheeled RC car held by an action figure attached in the middle.

    Darkside - Entering the competition for unknown reasons, driver Jimmy Ash's toy semi truck holds the strongest defense in the game.

    Mime - An actress who mimics her competitors' special abilities to get on their nerves.
    Trapper - An RC car that resembles a jeep normally used for jungle expeditions. Serves as the game's mid-boss. A smaller version can be unlocked.

    Piecemeal - A large RC car that is built from the parts of the other RC cars in the competition. Serves as the game's final boss. A smaller version can be unlocked.


    • Was originally going to be called Twisted Metal Kids.
    • Was originally planned to be developed for the PS2. Dropped for unknown reasons.
    • Axel was intended to be unlocked from the start and had an ending movie already made for him, but was removed due to possible offense to paraplegics and African Americans.

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