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Designed by Akira Ohtami and Released by Data East Corporation in 1990, called Crude Buster in the original Japanese release and Two Crude in the US, the 1991 Genesis port adopted the name Two Crude Dudes in all markets outside of Japan.

A spiritual sequel to Bad Dudes, the game features two mercenaries called in the by government to rid New York City from a gang called "Big Valley".


Set in a post-apocalyptic 2030, the Commander-in-Chief has personally called in Two Mercenaries to drive out a gang called Big Valley, who took over New York City as the government attempted to reconstruct post nuclear apocalypse.


Players either Single player, or 2 player co-op, take control of a Crude Dude, and brawl their way through side-scrolling levels filled with enemy gang members (human, cyborg and mutant) to destroy through melee combat or by throwing projectiles such as Cars, other enemies and even the other Crude Dude at them.

Melee combat includes punches and kicks in left and right direction, and the ability to punch upwards. Players can make evasive rolls to evade attacks.

At the end of each of the 6 stages there is an end-of-level boss, as well as mid-level bosses throughout the stages. These outrageous characters, in fitting with the theme, include a giant named Jake "The Snake" Roberts, a half human half rhino, an imp dressed as Santa Claus, and a spider with a one hit kill ultimate attack.

Vending Machines, once beaten up, dispense sodas to refill the players health. Theses are placed throughout stages and during mid-stage cut scenes.

The game grants a maximum of 3 continues.

Regional Differences

Aside from the naming for the arcade versions, the Japanese version had a few differences from other regions. The Japanese vending machines were branded with Budweiser logos, whist they were re-branded Power Cola elsewhere. In addition the Japanese version originally had stage 2 and 4 in the opposite position. This was changed to fix difficulty progression.

N.B The Genesis port follows the Japanese stage progression but the mid-level boss has been removed.


The Original Arcade game has been ported to the Wii in Data East Arcade Classics.

In 1992 the game was ported to the Sega Genesis. This port has some modifications from the original version, including the Santa-Imp being dressed in Blue, rather than Red and only throwing bombs instead of the original combo of bombs and syringes (most probably due to censorship).

Other bosses also received minor changes, mostly making the game easier such as The Scientist's final form not having the ceiling baby-spawning or diving attacks. In addition he also doesn't say his dialogue once beaten.

The intro has also had the mushroom cloud from the Nuclear event removed.


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