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Introducing ALBUMMER! The new show from the ghouls at Two Minutes To Late Night!

A sort-of "How Did This Get Made?" for the most critically panned albums of our time.

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Introducing ALBUMMER!

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So what the hell is it? It's five comedians from the writer's room of Two Minutes to Late Night deep in conversation in a sort of "How Did This Get Made?" but for critically panned albums across various genres of music. For instance, the first episode takes a look at the latest Weezer album, Van Weezer, and asks, "But why?"

If you're not familiar with Two Minutes to Late Night you should fix that! What started off as a heavy metal themed late-night show has expanded into a series of Bedroom Covers that debuted early on in the pandemic, not just entertaining music fans who were staying home, but also helping musicians get paid when venues began to close down. They're also the minds behind some amazing sketches, like my personal favorite, Poseur Cops.

The ALBUMMER! crew is uniquely qualified to discuss some of the strangest and most unusual music releases of recent memory because they too are strange and unusual. And you can commiserate along with the gang each week by listening to the album of discussion ahead of time or side by side as you enjoy the show. It's totally up to you! Don't forget, episode one's album of discussion is Weezer's "Van Weezer!" Right? The nerve of them!

So please help us welcome Jordan Olds, Katie Rose, Emily Panic, Jeremy Hammond and Lucie Steiner to the Giant Bomb family!

The first episode of ALBUMMER! will be free to check out for everyone and the rest of the season will be available exclusively for Giant Bomb Premium members.

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