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    A recurring type of B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) that is fought throughout the Resident Evil franchise.

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    The Tyrant creatures are the intended result of the T-Virus -- the ''Ultimate life form''. However because it will only react in such a way to certain individuals and is dependant on specific DNA, most will instead commonly turn into zombies.

    There have been a number of different Tyrants encountered throughout Resident Evil, and it is the most recurring boss enemy in the series. While each model is different from the next, what they often have in common is of being extremely tall, bald, and having enormous amounts of strength and stamina. Most, though not all, have been designed so they will begin to mutate and grow more powerful should they receive so much damage.

    Tyrant Models

    T-001 (Prototype Tyrant)

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    Chronologically this is the first Tyrant that was conceived, though it is only encountered in the prequel game, Resident Evil Zero. While it still retains a lot of the qualities of the Tyrants that follow, it was deemed a failure by the Umbrella Corp. and was discarded. However, it is still alive whence STARS rookie Rebecca Chambers comes into contact with it whilst exploring an underground Umbrella facility.

    It will be fought twice throughout the game, once as Rebecca on her own, and again after she is reunited with Marine Billy Coen.

    Physically, while it is still a prototype, the T-001 Tyrant is immensely powerful and has a large, barbaric claw for a right hand with an especially protruding middle 'finger'. However, its nervous system is especially weak at its back, and its heart is also rather vulnerable as it actually exists on the outside of its pale, rotten skin, rather than underneath. It noticeably has an aggressive twitch to it as well, noting its flawed and unstable design.

    As a boss it will primarily walk, but on occasion will burst into a quick sprint in an attempt to swipe the player with its claw. Because it will only attack with its right claw, running to its left will often suffice in avoiding its attacks. Though if hit by one of its attacks it will naturally dish out a noticeable amount of damage; however its attacks are rather slow. Because of its weak spinal area, shooting at its back will cause it to heavily flinch

    Despite its intimidating power, it is still ultimately bested by the combined firepower of Rebecca and Billy.


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    One of the most iconic tyrants, this one was spearheaded by Albert Wesker himself, an Umbrella scientist who was masquerading as a police officer within the Raccoon Police Department, during the original Resident Evil.

    The T-102 is largely regarded as Wesker's own work, and he takes great pride in its creation. Despite that, it was his creation that ultimately be his downfall, after he strikes Wesker through the chest with his claw almost as soon as he is unleashed.

    Visually it looks very similar to the T-001, however it is leaner, slightly shorter, and doesn't have the same twitch as its predecessor. Its claw is also more evenly measured per 'finger', and while it stills looks rather ghastly, it isn't quite as rotten as the Prototype Tyrant.

    Its combat design is similar to that of the original Tyrant, however it is more resistance to gunfire and does not have any particular weaknesses; its heart is still exposed, however, but that too is still significantly durable. Overall it is basically a more refined iteration of the Prototype Tyrant.

    It will once again primarily walk towards its prey, but whence threatened will then burst into a sprint and swipe with its claw -- which for this model is located on its left side. This too is fought twice; once in an enclosed laboratory, and again on top of a helipad. Whilst in the lab it will only walk, when faced on the helipad where there's more open space it will thusly begin to sprint and become much more aggressive.

    This Tyrant is so powerful that it will ultimately require a shot from a rocket launcher--given by STARS pilot Brad Vickers--directly at its heart to finish it off. However the first shot it will deflect away, requiring another to finally destroy it completely.


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    The first of Umbrella's mass-produced Tyrant models, and one that can be programmed to achieve a set goal, the T-103 is first encountered in Resident Evil 2 but only during the game's B Scenario. This iteration is where the designs begin to diverge. For starters, it by default no longer has the trademark claw as a weapon, and is clothed this time as well in a large grey trench coat. As such, its heart is no longer exposed eliminating the previous model's one potential weakness. Its primary goal is to collect the G-Virus, which is located within Sherry Birkin's locket, unbeknownst to her. However it will still attack anyone and anything that stands in the way of its goal, although the vial is its number one priority.

    While its offensive capabilities lack the claw, it still retains the staggering amount of strength and can deal serious damage with brute force all the same.

    The T-103 is what first introduced the idea of enemies that would stalk the player. Though they were all scripted, the T-103 would reoccur throughout the B Scenario, often trapping the player and forcing them to fight back so as to progress. Each time it is felled it will then drop some ammunition for players to collect.

    It will be encountered in this state a number of times, however nearing the end after falling into a vat of molten liquid, the damage it entails will force it to mutate. Upon emerging it will now resemble its more primitive predecessors. Both of its fists will have mutated into sharp claws, and all of its clothing of course has burnt away, revealing a significant amount of increased muscle mass.

    It's overall body structure will have altered as well, now resembling something much more animalistic and feral, as opposed to the more humanoid stance it originally had. The final battle plays out similarly to the structure of T-001 fight from Resident Evil. However the T-103 is this state is even more aggressive, and will continually rush around the arena and attempt to strike the player. Once again it will take a shot from a rocket launcher--given by Ada Wong amidst the battle--to completely destroy the monster.

    At the end of Resident Evil 3 during the final fight against Nemesis, the room the battle takes place in is covered in discarded T-103 subjects, including a mutated variant. Nemesis will then actually feed on the remains of the mutated Tyrant, which will allow it to grow into a hideous, almost reptilian-like monstrosity.

    Two T-103 model will also be encountered simultaneously in their default trench coat state in the non-canon spin-off, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. They utilize the same brute force attacks and functions much like they did in Resident Evil 2, however they will not mutate and are only encountered the one time.

    Tyrant R

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    This model is a slightly advanced iteration of the T-103 foundation, found in the non-canon multiplayer spin-off Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 -- specifically the End of the Road Scenario. It differs in that it can be deigned as to what to attack via a control device. That same device can also act as a fail-safe, as when pressed for long enough within close proximity to the tyrant will cause a bomb inside of it to explode. It can only be used once, however.

    With this functionality in place, it will at first act as an ally currently under the control of a friendly Umbrella scientist called Carter, who instead programs it to attack the Hunters. However it eventually breaks free from the control, kills Carter, and turns hostile towards all of the player characters. From here on the players may choose to try and kill it, or run away. They could also potentially collect the control device and attempt to detonate the fail-safe, though it will only temporarily down the monster and won't kill it outright. Its attacks are very similar to the T-103 in Resident Evil 2, as it relies on its brute strength by punching and kicking the player. This version also has the capability to run, and like most enemies in the game will hound the players throughout the level unless they can put it down.

    Regardless of whether players are able to defeat it or not, it will still eventually mutate much like the T-103 in Resident Evil 2 -- it is triggered upon when the players escape the Umbrella lab to the surface. Although this version grows to be even bulkier and with more muscle mass, specifically in the upper-body.

    Within this state it is now significantly more powerful, and is both faster and can now deal even more damage. If the player still has the control device available, they can then use it against the mutated Tyrant R; it won't kill it, but will at least dish out a fair bit of damage.

    Much like before players can choose to face it or attempt to run away, though it will give chase if they choose the latter. If they do beat it, however, the Tyrant R still won't be completely dead, but will at least give up the chase. Regardless of whether players beat this version or not, it may still once again reappear at the end if players are forced to use the truck on the runway to escape, after missing the deadline to reach the escape helicopter. The Tyrant will be shown climbing up after the players, but will soon be devoured and assimilated--but not killed--by an even bigger B.O.W. called Nyx, which then takes its place as the main boss of the level. If players still have the remote bomb available, then they can still make use of it to deal heavy damage to Nyx. Once Nyx is beaten the Tyrant finally dies with it.


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    An advanced variant of the T-103, this was regarded as Umbrella's ultimate iteration of the standard Tyrant concept. This version is encountered by Claire Redfield on Rockfort island in Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X. The Island is an Umbrella military base, and is where the T-103 tyrants are mass-produced.

    As this was built off of the original T-103 design, it visually shares many characteristics, such as the grey skin tone and bald head. However it does not wear a trench coat, and notably has a weapon for each of its upper limbs; for its right it has the iconic claw, and for its left it has an exceptionally muscular fist, one that looks almost like it is coated in molten rock. As such, its offensive capabilities are beyond that of the default T-103 without having to further mutate.

    Unlike the T-103s in prior Resident Evil games, this one is only encountered twice. The first is much like a classic T-103 encounter, where the player is trapped between a dead-end (in this case being a raging fire) and the tyrant, forcing them to unload everything they have before it gets close. Though in traditional tyrant fashion, it will slowly walk towards the player typically giving them plenty of time to down it.

    After enough damage it will pass out, allowing the character to continue. Though it will resurface amidst Claire and ally Steve Burnside's escape of the island by jumping onto the bay of their plane. From here the Tyrant is now more aggressive, and most notably cannot be killed by normal means. Now instead players must take advantage of the crate nearby and unleash it from its harnesses in an attempt to knock the tyrant off, thus turning it into a catapult of sorts. Though it will take a number of times by default, dealing enough damage to the tyrant with weapons will speed up the process; upon each use of the crate, it will require a cooldown before it can be used again.

    The Tyrant itself has a lot of the expected offensive capabilities, with claw attacks and now its mallet-like left fist, which it can use to slam the player onto the ground. Though while it isn't nearly as fast as the mutated T-103 encounters of before, it is still hasty enough that attacks can sometimes prove to be difficult to avoid. Eventually after enough attempts with the crate, the tyrant will finally be knocked off the plane into the ocean below. Whether it actually dies is uncertain, though it is never encountered again in the game.


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    This version stars in the first Resident Evil: Outbreak game--specifically the Decisions, Decisions Scenario--and was created by a rogue Umbrella scientist called Gregory Mueller. In a similar framing as to Wesker unveiling the T-002, Mueller is killed whilst boasting about his creation, only he is instead assassinated by UBCS soldier Nicholai Ginovaef -- suspected to be under Umbrella's orders.

    Thanatos shares most visual similarities to the T-002, only it noticeably features a colored complexion. It also has the advantage of having both limps as claws, as opposed to just the one.

    Its initial stage has it charging at players, which alone can do damage, and using its duel claws to enact a small flurry of slashes. It also has a grapple, where it'll grab the player, shake them around, and then finally slam them onto the ground. Its final attack is unique amongst tyrants, for Thanatos will quickly leap into the air and then attempt to land on the player from high above. Though its shadow at least makes for a reliable indicator of where he is to land.

    Upon a story event where the university the scenario takes place in is destroyed by Nicholai, the damage of the explosion forces Thanatos to mutate and rapidly grow in overall mass and height. Its right claw will have grown significantly, however its left has practically fallen off amidst it all. Thanatos will also utilise its leap attack much more frequently and at a greater pace within this stage.

    During this time players have access to a small number of anti-virus vials, each of which can cure the T-virus infection within a player character whence used. However the player could alternatively use them as ammo for one of the survivor character George Hamilton's ampole gun to deal a heavy amount of damage if they so choose. Even without the anti-virus, Thanatos will eventually succumb to death after enough damage has been inflicted -- no rocket launcher necessary. Though there is still in fact an RPG the player may find to help in the fight against Thanatos, however it isn't assured to kill it in one shot.


    • One of Jill Valentine's Ultra attacks in Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes involves her summoning the T-002 Tyrant from the ground to attack the opposing player.
    • The T-002 similarly makes an appearance in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and its Ultimate rerelease as apart of the scenery for the game's Umbrella Laboratory alongside some Lickers.
    • In the Sega Saturn version of the original Resident Evil there is an unlockable minigame called Battle Game. In it features a gold colored version of the regular T-002 model, which can withstand more damage.
    • In Outbreak File #2's unlockable 'Showdown' modes, the player is tasked with facing against a number of creatures and eventually even bosses. In Showdown 3, players will ultimately have to face a super-enhanced version of the Tyrant 103. This version is distinctive for its purple complexion, forehead horns, and for its incredibly fast speed. Its attacks also have much longer range, as it can stretch them out almost as if they're made of elastic.


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