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Badd, despite his tough image, has a soft spot for children, especially Kay, the daughter of his partner, Prosecutor Byrne Faraday. He is usually seen sucking on a lollipop or holding up a mirror which, although most assume it is for vanity purposes, allows him to constantly see behind himself. This paranoia is presumably due to the many bullet holes in his coat.
Ten years prior to the events of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Badd was put on the KG-8 case as protection for the witness Cece Yew. When Yew was killed by the smuggling ring implicated in KG-8, he, Faraday, and Cece's sister Calisto formed the Yatagarasu, a vigilante group aimed at uncovering evidence tied to corrupt companies, especially the smuggling ring. Three years later, when another witness set to testify against the smuggling ring is murdered, Faraday himself is killed. Calisto Yew is outed as a plant from the smuggling ring and escapes arrest, forcing Badd to spend the next seven years searching for her.
During the fifth case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, Calisto is found once again, this time disguised as an Interpol agent. This time, however, she is arrested, allowing Badd to finally retire in peace.

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