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    Tyris Flare

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    One of the three playable characters in Golden Axe, and the main character of the ill-fated reboot Golden Axe: Beast Rider.

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    Golden Axe

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    The original Golden Axe is set on the continent of Yuria, where one day Tyris finds her friend Alex wounded in the forest. Alex tells her the King and the Princess have been taken by the villainous Death Adder before passing away.

    Tyris fights her way through the forest, battling the minions of Death Adder, before taking a shortcut through Turtle Village a town situated on the back of a turtle, to reach Death Adder's castle. When she arrives, she finds the village has already been pillaged by Death Adder's servants and the villagers left in panic.

    After aiding them and saving the village, the aforementioned turtle tails her across a sea, bringing her in close proximity of the castle. With enemy forces between her and Death Adder's castle Tyris crosses the Fiends Path and is taken by a giant eagle into the building. There she fights the game's final battle against Death Adder who is wielding the legendary Golden Axe. Tyris defeats him, reigning victorious and saving both the King and the Princess.


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