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    Star Theory Games, formerly Uber Entertainment, was a game development company located in Kirkland, WA.

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    Uber Entertainment is a game development team based in Kirkland, Washington that was founded in 2008 by a veteran team of developers. They boast that they are developing "secret cutting edge technology and games that are sure to have a huge impact on the next decade of game development."

    Their first game, Monday Night Combat, an online multiplayer shooter, has been released on Xbox LIVE Marketplace as part of the XBLA 2010 Summer of Arcade. A PC version was later released on January 24th 2011 and is available through Steam.

    In 2012 they worked on their next game, Super Monday Night Combat, which became a 3rd-Person MOBA/DotA style game.

    During the last months of 2012 they started a Kickstarter for Planetary Annihilation, which began development after gaining ~$2 Million; releasing the Alpha to backers and pre-orders around the 1st week of June 2013, aiming to release the PA Beta in September, and fully in December.

    In 2019 it was announced that the former Uber Entertainment would now be called Star Theory Games and begin working with publisher Private Division, a subsidiary of Take-Two, on the development of Kerbal Space Program 2. In early 2020 Take-Two announced that they had created a new studio named Intercept Games and would be moving development over to the new studio.


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