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    Blue Byte Software (now known as Ubisoft Blue Byte) is a German computer game developer based in Düsseldorf. The company, which had been active as a publisher for many years as well, is one of the most well known German developers.

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    Blue Byte has released more than 30 titles, of which the strategy game series The Settlers is the most well known. The Settlers sold approx. three million units. Other titles, like turn-based tactical game Battle Isle sold 650,000 copies. Many of its releases have been highly praised by critics, yet have failed to find a significant number of buyers. Released in 1997, Incubation is still held in high regards by many strategy fans and even some US developers, yet it only sold 60,000 copies.

    Blue Byte is considered a pioneer of the gaming industry in Germany. They've developed games that have been released for various platforms, including Amiga, SNES, Macintosh and PC. Many designers earned their first laurels at Blue Byte, such as Thomas Friedmann, Thomas Häuser and Thorsten Knop, who went on to found Funatics. Armin Gessert, who founded Spellbound and Volker Wertich, who left Blue Byte to found Phenomic.

    The company has not yet found a significant audience outside Germany with some limited success across the rest of Europe.

    In February 2001, Blue Byte was aquired by by French Publisher Ubisoft for 26 Million DeutschMarks, inlcuding the rights to Blue Byte's back catalogue of games. Blue Byte remains intact as a developer under the publishing of Ubisoft and had since continued to release games within the Settlers series.


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