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    Formerly know as FreeStyleGames is a British video game developer best known as the developers of the DJ Hero series and Guitar Hero Live. After acquisition from Ubisoft the studio was renamed Ubisoft Leamington.

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    As FreestyleGames

    Under Activision

    In 2008 Activision acquired FreeStyleGames. Under its new parent company, the studio would go on to create Guitar Hero-spin off series, DJ Hero.

    In 2015 the studio released Guitar Hero Live, a game still closely resembling the older franchise entries, meanwhile trying to innovate by changing button placement on the guitar controller and introducing live video playback instead of real time graphics for the concert venues.

    As Ubisoft Leamington

    In January 2017, Ubisoft acquired the studio from Activision and renamed it to Ubisoft Leamington, after the studio's location in Leamington Spa.

    It was announced that the newly nominated Managing Director of Ubisoft Reflections, Richard Blenkinsop would also serve in the same position at Ubisoft Leamington.


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