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    UFC Personal Trainer

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Jun 21, 2011

    UFC Personal Trainer aims to train players by using a variety of training techniques utilized by UFC superstars. The game will take advantage of the Kinect and PlayStation Move accessories.

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    UFC Personal Trainer is a game that helps you get fit through training routines designed for and by MMA fighters. The game is developed by Heavy Iron Studios and published by THQ and features different exercises for each console.

    The game lets you organize your workouts. Each workout is guided by a UFC personal trainer who helps you choose 12 exercises (there are over 70 in the game) for your daily workout routine that works both your arms and legs as well as your upper body and abs. These work outs range from sit ups to hitting punching bags. Your progress is kept in a journal.

    Kinect Features

    That's you bottom right.
    That's you bottom right.

    On the Xbox 360, the game is compatible with Kinect. The game shows you arrows indicating how you're supposed to punch or kick (uppercut, low kick, high punch...). On the bottom left of the screen, a green silhouette represents your body and parts of your body glow red when you aren't doing the exercise correctly. You can control your routine with your voice thanks to the built in Kinect microphone.

    The 360 version also offers multiplayer where you challenge your friends in score attack mode by seeing who can punch the punching bag the most times or flip the tire over the fastest. The 360 version also comes with 4 exclusive UFC trainers and 9 extra exercises.

    Wii Features

    The Wii version of the game supports both the Wii Motion Plus and the Wii Balance Board. Here, the balance board works in the same way as in Wii Fit: you do push ups with both hands on the board so the game can detect how many full push ups you have done. The game also comes with a knee pad that lets the game track your legs.

    There is no online multiplayer in the Wii version.

    PS3 Version

    The PS3 version of UFC Personal Trainer is a mix of both the Wii and Xbox versions. You use the Playstation Move wand to workout as well as the Knee pad. Like in the 360 version, you can challenge you friends online in score attack modes. 



    • Greg Jackson
    • Mark DellaGrotte
    • Javier Mendez
    • Rachelle Leah

    Xbox 360 exclusive fighters


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