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Netricsa Description

All enemies, locations, weapons, and various other things are cataloged by NETRICSA.  The description for him in the game reads as follows:
INDIVIDUAL: Ugh-Zan III, The Vicious Warlock
METABOLISM: immortal mammal
PERCEPTION: ancient entity
SIZE: 330 ft
ENDURANCE: infinite
HOSTILITY: extreme
WEAPONS: homing missiles
thermal bombs
rocket launcher
pulse lasers
REWARD: 1 million FC
THREAT: immeasurable


This is the third incarnation of the vicious Ugh-Zan, last of the Warlock giants. Ugh-Zan has the rank of Great Admiral in the Mental's army, and has served evil for millions of years.  He's as large as a mountain armed well enough to confront an intergalactic cruiser, and endowed with unseen magical powers.  With the ability of regeneration, this grand warrior is one of the most dangerous creatures in the universe. Ugh-Zan was sent by Mental to supervise the final cleaning of planet Earth.  


As an astute reader can see, there is a "III" on the end of Ugh-Zan's name.  Mental has a habit of reincarnating if not creating from scratch minions that he employs in various aspects of villainy.  Presumably because the previous two bit the dust, the third version of "The Vicious Warlock" is the best (or worst) yet.  Want to find out for yourself?  In Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, a court in the Babylonian campaign has a secret chamber that houses all three versions of Ugh-Zan in his polygonal glory.  They are all suspended in what appears to be a fluid-filled chamber.   In reality Ugh-Zan's lineage is another example of the game's humor and epic nature.  The secret described sees the previous two versions as crude and unfinished likenesses of the final Ugh-Zan III. 

Serious Sam: The First Encounter

 Ugh-Zan III's main role is to stop Sam with the awesome power at his disposal.  He enters the scene as the final boss of The First Encounter as he chases Sam to a pyramid that actually contains Sirian technology.  Ugh-Zan III stands and fights Sam until the doors to the pyramid open and Sam enters to activate it.  The top of the pyramid opens up to reveal a large space that houses the final boss battle of the game.  The large Sirian ship looms overhead, implying its giant death beam is probably useful considering normal weaponry doesn't hurt Ugh-Zan III all that much.  Once enough shooting is done and the UFO's giant death beam is used, the great Warlock is finally defeated.

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