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Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon is a dual joystick shooter developed by Backbone Entertainment and published by 345 Games. It's based on the popular Comedy Central TV show Ugly Americans and features most of the cast who are voiced by the original voice actors. The game also features some of the show's characters, such as the birdmen, as enemies.

The game lets you choose which character you wish to play as and has you controlling said character as he or she rids the world of the birdmen invasion. Like in all dual-joystick shooters, you control the character with the left stick and fire your weapon with the right. You must clear a zone of enemies if you wish to advance and you can pick up weapons such as shotguns but also power ups which can, for example, clear the screen of enemies.

The game supports co-op up to four players, both locally and online.

The story is presented in a similar fashion to the television show and features new voice work and animation made just for the game.


The game starts out and is structured much like a typical episode of 'Ugly Americans'

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