Who still plays UO?

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#1 Posted by vager (1677 posts) -
I don't, but if I do, it sure as hell won't be the official one. They lost their way long ago.

If I ever go back it'll be the crafting, I absolutely loved it.

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#2 Posted by eyequeue (60 posts) -

People who play on free shards that are set before the game was ruined... that's who. And mostly because they realize it is the BEST MMORPG ever.

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#3 Posted by vager (1677 posts) -

Most likely. Some shards actually improved the whole sandbox concept that made UO great.
Nice review btw.

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#4 Posted by eyequeue (60 posts) -

Thank you very much!

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#5 Posted by Nate (798 posts) -

I don't, but still think about getting back into it sometimes. I've never had so much fun than when I first got this game back in 1998.

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#6 Posted by MacroPlanet (21 posts) -

I think the crafting in Ultima Online has probably been the best crafting system in any game to date.  The stuff you can create and how to create them is just mind blowing. 
I play UO off and on, at times.  It really depends.  As of lately I've just accepted that nostalgia is the only reason why I go back anymore.  

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#7 Edited by billyblaze (66 posts) -

I played on German Freeshards for a while; Himmelsstadt and Alathair. Also as a GM for a while.
They're all slowly dying, sadly. I had some damn good times with this game. Also got to know a lot of awesome people!

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#8 Posted by aquacadet (289 posts) -

Bumping this thread from forever ago to say I just started on a free shard that is pretty well run. If any other GB people have any desire to play UO again you should check out uorevealed, and hit me up for help.

Classic UO:R ruleset (precast, insta hits, no t2a)

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Most of what I remeber from UO has to do with its player housing system. Sure, I had a nice apartment in Anarchy Online but my custom built house deep in the woods of Ultima Online had rustic charm and unique architectural features.

Edit; wait, this thread is 7 years old. I'm not paying attention.

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#10 Posted by Evilbill (37 posts) -

I know this is like thread necromancy at this point but I did want to say that I loved UO back in the day I played tons in college. They did ruin it which is unfortunate. I also have to say the only other game I liked crafting in besides UO was Vanguard from (at the time) Sony Online. That game had the most in-depth and crazy crafting system I ever used and it was highly rewarding. When you were the first person to make a particular item on a server shard your name was announced over world chat and if I remember correctly from that point forward the item, when made by others, said "First made by so and so" in the item description. Was totally awesome.

Unfortunately that game died a horrible death due to the insane griefing. It was open PVP and there was absolutely no where safe in the world..even in your own house. So new players were eaten alive for their mats and that was the end of the game pretty much. Wasn't a huge success to start with and then the player base never grew.

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