UMVC3 Magneto Copyright Infringement

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IIRC the same thing happened when Marvel was publishing House of M and they ended up changing his costume for subsequent issues. You'd think someone there would have remembered this before giving Capcom the go-ahead to use it as his DLC costume.

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Wow it looks like they really did flat out copy it...maybe they could've been a little more creative and just make one large medal and change the colors up when they originally did this for the comics. And yeah, if they got in trouble for it before, you would think they would be more cautious with it for the game lol

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I think it originally came from they thought it was a great image having Magneto on the cover in a somewhat recognizable royal pose. Anyway, Magneto's not that big of a douche anymore, right? Take it as a complement, lol.

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@rebgav: Better safe than sorry? And was it Greg Land that did that cover? lol


Nevermind, its Mike Mayhew.

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