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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 0

The Mortal Kombat franchise has been one of my favorite in the fighting genre. Sure, it may not sport the most innovative gameplay or the best graphics, but none of that matters when gameplay is this fun, and with a variety of unique characters and moves, you need nothing else to enjoy this old classic.  I remember buying this game back in 1997 for my SNES and playing the hell out of it.  My best friend and I had tournaments to see who the best on the block is, most of us even learned all the Fa...

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Flawed Victory! 0

I'm a long time fan of Mortal Kombat. The original was the first game I ever played for Mega Drive, and I've loved the game since. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is no different: I enjoy playing the game, but probably not for the correct reasons. UMK3 for the SNES is undoubtedly the buggiest game I have ever played, and that includes various beta tests I have been part of. The fact that this game ever passed classification as a final version just can't fail to astound. Released effectively as an ...

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Ultimate Mortal Kombat III or UMK III for short is an average fighting game that has a brutal difficulty, but also features good visuals and style. There are countless version of the game and the one I played for this review was the Xbox Live Arcade version released in 2006 for download. The game, of course, is developed by Midway. This version is a direct port of the arcade version with online play included. Because it is an arcade game the difficulty is really tough, and I had trouble even cle...

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