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    Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs. New Generation

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jun 05, 2003

    The quirky anime about strange aliens and people who wrestle in over-the-top matches comes to life in an AKI-developed video game form. It's like DBZ meets WWF.

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    Developed by the same company that made WWF No Mercy and WCW Revenge, this game is adapted from the anime series, Ultimate Muscle which is an English-dubbed version of a Japanese animated series, Kinnikuman Nisei which itself based from a Weekly Jump manga by an author named Yudetamago. It is also a sequel/update to Kinnikuman Generations or known as Galactic Wrestling in America.


    The game pits 20 different characters, one group from the original Kinnikuman anime and another group from the Ultimate Muscle series. In addition to these characters there was a contest in Japan where readers of V-Jump & Shukaan Playboy magazines could submit fan made charecters to appear in the game. In total there are 10 "Recruit Wrestlers".


    • King Muscle / Suguru Kinniku / Kinnikuman
    • Terryman
    • Ramenman
    • Buffaloman
    • Robin Mask
    • Brocken Jr.
    • Sunshine
    • Warsman
    • The Ninja / Ninja Ned
    • Skullduggery / Kinkotsuman

    New Generations

    • Kid Muscle / Mantaro Kinniku
    • Terry "The Grand" Kenyon / Terry the Kid
    • Wally Tusket / Seiuchin
    • Dik-Dik Van-Dik / Gazelleman
    • Kevin Mask
    • Jeager / Jade
    • Checkmate
    • Eskara / Scarface
    • Hanzo
    • Bone Cold

    Recruit Wrestlers

    • Baron Maximillion
    • Chihuahua Man
    • Coconut Man
    • Crescent Man
    • Dazz Ling
    • Mr. French
    • Pandaman
    • Ultamanoid
    • Weapon Man
    • Yeti

    Characters and their Finishing Moves

    CharactersFinishing Moves
    Kinnikuman / King MuscleMuscle Spark
    Kinniku Mantaro / Kid Muscle Muscle Millennium
    Seiuchin/ Wally TusketIce Rock Driver
    Kevin MaskBig Ben Bash
    Robin MaskRobin Unicorn Special
    TerrymanTexas Condor Kick
    Terry " The Grand" KenyonTexas Clover Hold
    Gazelleman / Dik-Dik Van-DikSavannah Heat
    Jade / Jäger Red Rain of Berlin / Red Rain of Pain
    Brocken Jr.Red Rain of Berlin / Red Rain of Pain
    RamenmanKowloon Wall Drop / Great Wall Drop
    BuffalomanChoujin / Hurricane Cross Slam
    Scarface / EskaraUltimate Scar Buster
    SunshineSand Hell Tour / Gate of Darkness
    Check MatePile Driver Stallion Style
    Kinkotsuman / SkullduggeryShooting Rifle / Bone Chillin'
    Bone ColdShooting Arrow / Bone Cold Blade
    HanzoTsurigane Wari / Wasabi Wallop
    The Ninja / Ninja NedBinding Spider Web / Ninja Web

    Double Claw Screw Driver


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