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    Ultra Seven

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 26, 1993

    2D fighting game published by Bandai in 1993. It features Ultra Seven, Ultraman's successor, and some of his most memorable foes.

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    Ultra Seven is a 2D one-on-one fighting game that uses characters from the tokusatsu TV show of the same name. The Ultra Seven series is based on the original Ultraman TV show, but updated for a modern audience with a different protagonist who hails from the same planet as Ultraman.

    Ultra Seven features a single-player story mode in which the player can sometimes choose which of Ultra Seven's capsule monsters (Agira, Micras or Windom) to fight as, and a versus mode in which two players can duke it out.


    • Ultra Seven - The hero of the game.
    • Imitation Seven - An alien robot posing as Ultra Seven.
    • Agira - A bipedal triceratops. An ally of Earth and one of Ultra Seven's three Capsule Monsters.
    • Micras - An enormous horned beast with a goofy expression. Looks a bit like the colossi from Shadow of the Colossus. An ally of Earth and one of Ultra Seven's three Capsule Monsters. Is sometimes referred to as Miclas.
    • Windom - A robotic creature with a beak. An ally of Earth and one of Ultra Seven's three Capsule Monsters.
    • Eleking - A bipedal newt-like creature with electrical powers.
    • King Joe - A robot that could change its shape and separate.
    • Gander - A moth-like creature that prefers arctic conditions.
    • Gyeron - An avian monster.
    • Dally - A microscopic parasite that Ultra Seven once defeated by being shrunk down.
    • Alien Metron - A member of the alien Metron race, who resemble shellfish.
    • Alien Icarus - A member of the alien Icarus race, which had bat-like ears and advanced technology.
    • Alien Borg - A member of the alien Borg race, robots with mind control powers.
    • Alien Guts - A member of the alien Guts race, bird-like beings with powerful psychic abilities.

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