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    Um Jammer Lammy

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jul 31, 1999

    Um Jammer Lammy is a rhythm-based game that takes place in the PaRappa world and tells the story of the all-girl pop rock band, MilkCan. The game has very humorous and catchy music tracks, co-op gameplay, and a plethora of unlockables.

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    Um Jammer Lammy is a spin-off game of the Parappa the Rapper series for the PlayStation. Instead of following the life of the rapping dog Parappa, the main character is a shy, guitar-playing lamb named Lammy and her all-girl rock band, MilkCan, with bandmates Katy Kat and Ma-San. Various characters from Parappa the Rapper appear in the game, including Parappa himself as an unlockable character. The game was first released in Japan on March 18th, 1999 and released in the US a few months later on July 31st, 1999. Sony has also released a PSN port for the PS3 and PSP in the US on October 1st, 2009 for $5.99 USD.


    Kick, punch, you all remember!
    Kick, punch, you all remember!

    The game begins with Lammy rushing to her first gig, worrying that she'll be late. When she finally arrives, Lammy finds that her band has a new vocalist,

    Chop Chop Master Onion. By the end of the song, Lammy's guitar has suddenly become a vacuum and everyone in the audience begins to leave, which causes her to become distressed because she believes she is nothing without her guitar. Chop Chop Master Onion tells her of how he lost his dojo, but the dojo remains in his mind and it even had a casino, giving her the message, "Dojo, casino, it's all in the mind. You have nothing to lose." This teaches Lammy that her guitar will always be with her in her mind no matter what troubles she must face. This whole situation turns out to be a dream, to which she wakes up from only to find out she has 15 minutes to make it to the gig she just dreamt about. Thus Lammy dashes out the door to try to make it to her real first gig on time, keeping in mind the dream she had.


    Stage 1: "Now Wait A Minute! Who Is This?"

    Teacher: Chop Chop Master Onion

    In this dream sequence, Lammy arrives to her first gig to find that her band has a new vocalist, Chop Chop Master Onion, who teaches her that her guitar is in her mind.

    Stage 2: "B,back off! You're in the way!"

    Teacher: Chief Puddle

    On the way to the venue, the path is blocked off by the fire department due to a huge fire from a pizza place. As Lammy tries to reason with Chief Puddle to let her through, he bargains with her that if she wants to go past so badly, she should help put the fire out. Lammy sees a nearby billboard for Joe Chin's Casino reminding her of the dream she had, which gives her the confidence she needs to help put out that fire.

    Stage 3: "After School Sale"

    Teacher: Cathy Pillar

    With the fire out, the pizza place awards everyone with lots and lots of pizza. Everyone gorges themselves on the pizza, including Lammy. She eats so much, that she quickly becomes visibly bloated. She quickly recalls about her gig and rushes to the venue, still having a bloated stomach. She shortly runs into a large group of pregnant women and their husbands who are all going to a hospital. Unfortunately, nurse Cathy Pillar mistakes Lammy's bloated look as her being pregnant and takes her into the maternity ward. Shortly after, Lammy digests the pizza and her stomach shrinks. Cathy Pillar realizes this and suggests that Lammy at least help putting all the babies to sleep while she's here. Lammy sees some of the children playing with a roulette wheel, again reminding her of Chop Chop Master Onion's Dojo and Casino, giving her the determination to help calm the babies down.

    Stage 4: "Now Which One Is My Left Hand?"

    Teacher: Captain Fussenpepper

    After all the babies have gone to sleep, she quietly rushes out the door and slips on a skateboard, having her fall right into a low-flying airplane. There she meets the pilot Captain Fussenpepper, a quiet and friendly person who quickly changes back and forth into a loud and angry person with each bonk from a loose ceiling panel above him. Another side effect from all the hits to head has caused him to forget how to fly the airplane, which he asks for Lammy's assistance in. Lammy overhears the intercom telling people in the on-board casino to buckle up. This has her recall the dream which again reminds her that the guitar is in her mind, giving her the courage to fly the plane.

    Stage 5: "You Said Anything, Didn't Ya?"

    Teacher: Paul Chuck

    With Lammy's help, Captain Fussenpepper lands the plane, which she then gets off the plane, and he flies off. Unfortunately, Lammy finds that she has left her guitar on the plane. Needing a new one, she goes to the nearest guitar store, only to find there are no guitars for sale. Begging the owner, Paul Chuck, that she'll do anything to get a new guitar, he brings her to the back of the store to make a guitar by carving it out of a tree. Lammy hears a nearby radio playing the song "Casino in my Hair", thus removing her fear that she is wielding chainsaw.

    Stage 6: "Vital Idol"

    Teacher: Teriyaki Yoko

    Lammy finishes making her new guitar and Paul Chuck lets her keep it free of charge, so she takes it and rushes out the door. In the US version of Um Jammer Lammy, Lammy gets her belt caught on the door knob of the store, which slingshots her to a faraway island. In the Japanese version, she slips on a banana peel accidently left by PJ Berri, which causes her to die and go to Hell. Either way, she ends up getting mistaken as the new guitarist for pop idol Teriyaki Yoko and is forced to play for her concert.

    Stage 7: "MilkCan, That's Us!"

    Teacher: Katy Kat

    After the concert, Teriyaki Yoko transports Lammy back to her city using a fax machine. Lammy wakes up on the street in front of the guitar store and quickly dashes to the venue. As soon as she's about to open the backstage door, she runs into Katy Kat and Ma-san, both of whom were also just arriving from their own wacky adventures. They quickly get everything set up and with a huge crowd in the audience, play their first gig as the band MilkCan.


    Um Jammer Lammy Original Sound Track
    Um Jammer Lammy Original Sound Track

    The soundtrack to Um Jammer Lammy was composed by the game's artist designer Masaya Matsuura as well as Yoshihisa Suzuki and Shigeyoshi Kawagoe. It was released by SPE Visual Works on November 20, 1999. It features all stage music, including the bonus stages featuring Parappa, as well as all music from the game's cinematics.

    Track Listing


    Um Jammer Lammy Original Sound Track

    Total length: 68:48

    1. "Serial 0" - (1:35)
    2. "Tag" - (0:19)
    3. "I Am A Master And You" - (2:28)
    4. "Wait!" - (0:34)
    5. "??? More Minutes Until The Show!" - (0:12)
    6. "Leave It To Lammy!!" - (0:19)
    7. "Fire Fire!!!" - (3:11)
    8. "Effector 1" - (0:07)
    9. "Treasure" - (1:46)
    10. "Music Box" - (0:38)
    11. "Baby Baby!!" - (2:26)
    12. "Effector 2" - (0:06)
    13. "Fright Flight!!" - (2:55)
    14. "Effector 3" - (0:07)
    15. "Casino In My Hair" - (1:30)
    16. "Power Off! Power On!" - (2:43)
    17. "Effector 4" - (0:07)
    18. "PaRappa's End Roll In G Minor" - (1:10)
    19. "Taste of Teriyaki" - (2:38)
    20. "Theme of Rammy" - (1:02)
    21. "Effector 5" - (0:06)
    22. "We Are MilkCan!!" - (6:13)
    23. "Got To Move" - (3:41)
    24. "Keep Your Head Up!!" - (3:10)
    25. "I Am A Master And You! (Parappa Version)" - (2:28)
    26. "On Monday" - (0:42)
    27. "Fire Fire!! (Parappa Version)" - (3:11)
    28. "On Tuesday" - (0:39)
    29. "Baby Baby!! (Parappa Version)" - (2:26)
    30. "On Wednesday" - (0:40)
    31. "Fright Flight!! (Parappa Version)" - (2:55)
    32. "Joe Chin's Natural Preservation" - (0:31)
    33. "Joe Chin's Chain Saw" - (0:35)
    34. "Power Off! Power On! (Parappa Version)" - (2:43)
    35. "On Thursday" - (0:25)
    36. "Taste of Teriyake (Parappa Version)" - (2:39)
    37. "On Friday" - (0:37)
    38. "Got To Move! (Parappa Version)" - (3:41)
    39. "Joe Chin's Laptop Computer" - (0:41)
    40. "Joe Chin's Shopping Now!" - (3:47)

    Arcade Version

    The arcade cabinet
    The arcade cabinet

    With the help of Namco, Sony of Japan released an arcade version of Um Jammer Lammy which had updated graphics and new songs in addition to the original songs. The cabinet also had a custom guitar controller, giving a whole new experience to playing the game.


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