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Lurking deep within the subterranean realms of the Dungeons & Dragons universe, the monstrous umber hulk stands at an intimidating eight feet in height. It is classified as an aberration, meaning that it has at least some association with the Far Realm, and, as a result, its appearance is considered quite unusual to the inhabitants of the Prime Material Plane. While its anatomy displays many insect-like elements, including antennae, pincers, and segmented eyes, it is also clearly humanoid in other respects, as it walks upright in a bipedal fashion. It has on many occasions drawn simian comparisons due to its lengthy arms, which are long enough to scrape the ground. The gestalt of its physical features make the umber hulk a unique, and uniquely terrifying, creature unlike any other among the realms.

Outside of its appearance, the umber hulk's most well known attribute is its ability to cause confusion, as any individual that gazes directly into its dual set of eyes will be afflicted with this condition. Outside of combat, each set of eyes is specialized, with one allowing normal vision, and the other low-light vision. With its massive and powerful claws, the umber hulk is also a natural and avid burrower capable of creating expansive underground tunnels. It is often erroneously assumed that the umber hulk is of substandard intelligence. This is most likely due to the fact that they are frequent targets of the illithid, who are fond of mentally dominating them for use as mindless enforcers. The umber hulk is in fact capable of communicating in Terran, and is quite clever in defending its own territory from incursion.

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