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    The Umgah are an alien race from the Star Control series. The Umgah's most treasured trait is humour.

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    A race of blob-like creatures from Beta Orionis I, with expertise in bioscience. The Umgah love jokes, pranks and the subject of biology. They hate boredom very much, and amuse themselves in any way they can, which includes attaching extra limbs or organs to themselves, as well as pulling pranks and telling jokes.

    The Umgah were once in possession of a powerful HyperWave Broadcaster, which they used to trick other races using fake messages. Their favorite victim was the Spathi race, known for being cowardly and gullible. However, the Spathi eventually discovered the Umgah's device and took it into their own possession. Unable to build another HyperWave Broadcaster, at least not for a very long time, the Umgah finally stopped their broadcasting shenanigans.

    Oddly enough, despite their tendency to trick or bully other species, they maintain friendly relations with the Arilou, who visit them from time to time. Even when they were both on opposing sides of war, the Arilou and Umgah still considered each other as friends and were able to re-establish friendly relations after the end of hostilities.


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