Looking for people to play Co-Op with (Headset or no Headset)

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#1 Posted by Yukoei (2141 posts) -

Looking for some people to play Co-Op (enemy waves) with. My PSN ID: joseph9631

If you have a headset let me know 


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#2 Posted by ThePhenomenal1 (481 posts) -

i haven't gotten to play co-op so i'd be down. psn: twistedkatana

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#3 Posted by minotaka (335 posts) -

yoyo, im up for a challenege, add meh :)   
PSN ID:  nanotaka

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#4 Posted by Turtlefuzz (272 posts) -

I'd go for it.
PSN: Turtlefuzz
No mic.

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#5 Posted by RedRoach (1402 posts) -

add me Liquid_Snake21 
no mic though

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#6 Posted by Griddler (3374 posts) -

Yeah alright, 
PSN: Girdzy
No mic, getting soon.

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#7 Posted by GunstarRed (6053 posts) -

I would play some co-op.. i have a mic..i havnt tried it yet though (because I havent needed to)  it may or may not work. 
PSN seamonsterking
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#8 Posted by aylien (140 posts) -

likewise, no mic yet, will get 1 soon.
PSN aylien

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#9 Posted by Briyen (29 posts) -
@Yukoei: yeah add me, i got a mic and i dont mind 14 year olds, as long as u dont talk trash too much, im in for the enjoyment
any one else too can add, just say from Giant bomb, mics prefered though

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