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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the continuing story of Nathan Drake, explorer and adventurer of the world. In this next chapter Drake is tasked with trying to find the location of Shangrai la. He will have a number of characters to help him out, and also stop an evil man from reaching the city first. This game is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and I have to say right off the bat that other console owners need to be jealous of this fact.

Graphically this game is beautiful. Its not just the characters, weapons, and immediate scenery that will blow you away, its everything. When you're on the train, or going through the city, you'll see the surroundings off in the distance, and it doesn't look like its a cheap paint job. The cinematics are also very crisp and lively. 

The music in this game belongs in a movie. It's enchanting, deep, and it fits so well in this game. The thing that really steals the show though is the dialog in the game. During the cut scenes, during actual game play, anytime someone opens up their mouth it is golden. Sure there are some corny lines in there, but what's a good movie without a little bit of corny-ness. 

The controls on the game feel crisp. Yes there are times where I might find my character hugging the obstacle the wrong way and drawing unneccessary fire, but that's one of those things you can overlook. The swing mechanic or lack of one is a bit wierd, but just pointing in one direction and Drake doing all the work isn't that bad of a thing. I do have an issue with the fact that once you have decided to blindly throw a grenade there is no cancellation combo, but I only blew myself up once because of it.

The game was amazing. The story was cut up into little chunks that had me trying to beat one more chapter before I saved and exited the game. The save feature was interesting. It would take your last save and turn it into the Autosave for your game. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that there is an autosave feature in the game which, just in case your console were to freeze, you'd still be able to pick up almost exactly where you left off. The problem is that if you screw up in an area and you want to go back to it you can't because your save has been overwritten. With that small piece aside, though, this game looks amazing, feels amazing, and I wasn't disappointed whatsoever with this game. Sure there were parts of the game that I had to do over, but I didn't feel like I was pulled too far away from the game. Every character seemed to actually have life to them. Even the stereotypical bad guy didn't feel like he was simply a cookie cutter character. 

If you have a PlayStation 3 you have to add this game to your collection. This is the type of game that viewers of the game as well as the players can get a lot out of the game, and its a hell of a game to get something out of. This gem of a game gets a 9.7 out of 10.    

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