For those grinding for co op treasure read this.

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Hello people I've been obsessed with the multiplayer for UC since the second game and would love more Giant Bomb people to play it but hey. Anyway here's a sure fire way to get treasure quickly so have a read and get some friends together and try it.

I have got a stickied thread in this forum section if you want to add Giant Bomb Uncharted players btw.

Copied from the Naughty Dog Forums.

Also here is an easter egg for you to try out. I can't remember who found this out originally. 



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Nifty little feature there. I would of never uncovered it myself since there's so many character-specific weapons I haven't unlocked - which still includes Chloe's M9, I should say. >=/

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@Abyssfull: I think Chloe has the best deal in this little easter egg getting "For my Buddy". I'm using Talbot's for the villian side and Elena's for the heroes side mainly because they're the only ones I have all the weapons for. If you're up for that co op arena grinding let me know as it's the treasures for all the accessories for the characters (Elena's Cat Ears are high priority loot).

With the guns there's no quick guide for that I'm afraid, you will just have to keep playing FFA matches for Chloe's M9.

Should probably put what the buddy third boosters mean but hey people can go check out the wiki it's all there.

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