London Underground on 2nd Playthough (spoilers)

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So I began my Crushing playthrough the other day, and going through the London Underground escape sequence I noticed something... The game is ambiguous as to whether or not its supernatural elements are actually occurring or not. So as I'm fighting through the nameless henchmen at the end of the level, I noticed something strange about the snipers:

I noticed that you can never really see them, and that their heads appear similar to the "demons" encountered in the Atlantis of the Sands level. Also, you never kill the snipers, they just vanish when you clear the closer enemies. Am I just crazy or did anyone else notice this?

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#2 Posted by RE_Player1 (8010 posts) -

I didn't notice that but it makes me want to go back and play it again to see it for myself.

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Yeah noticed it when i was going through on crushing, As I was taking more time to look at stuff and see wtf was happening.

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I noticed that you never saw them, but I figured that was just a gameplay thing so you'd always have to worry about sniper fire. I'll have to check out the head thing though.

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I could have sworn they said that those demon guys appear on Crushing, since you've already beaten the game and all to get it.

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Nope, I didn't see anything like that. I just assumed the snipers moved on after I cleared out the bad guys. that being said they never really explain any of the supernatural stuff, which is one of my big problems with the game as a whole.

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This video shows fairly well what I'm talking about at 1:55. There is no way this guy killed the snipers because he's rather terrible, and it doesn't appear that this is Crushing. You can see at 2:20 that there are no sniper bodies and they're nowhere to be found.

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I played through the game on Normal and saw the same thing the first time through. I just think it was a weird design choice. I didn't think it was anything supernatural. Just an odd thing to see. If you're a good shot then you can actually kill some of those guys, but they just keep appearing. Atleast the ones on the other side of the gate in the subway do.

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I don't think you are seeing anything.  At the point in the game...nobody is drugged....thus no supernatural things are going on. 
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Safer to assume that Naughty Dog just blew their writing like they did by putting the purple men in suits at the end of UC2.

Compared to its mind blowing predecessor, Uncharted 3 was just so undercooked on so many levels.

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