More DLC! Which may also include cooperative villian campaign!

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Even though the first batch of map packs has only surfaced, ND announced on the PS blog that they've got another seven MP packs on the way. They've already announced three as:

  • Rogues Pack 1 - Just some more villainous gear for your villain custom-character of villainy.
  • Rogues Pack 2 - Same as above no doubt.
  • Donut Pack 1 - Which will predictably supply more... enlarged variants of the franchise's fictional stalwarts.

And since that's Donut Pack 1, I assume there'll be a Donut Pack 2, too. So that's four of the seven, which to see it's mostly just more skins is a little disheartening. But what did catch my eye was the bottom screenshot that shown Lazarevic, Flynn and Eddy holding half of the Janus head statue that Nate and co. claim during the Adventure coop mode. It can only be pointing towards a new coop campaign where you take control of the villains, which is fantastic! It's more or less exactly what I was asking for in a previous thread for more coop campaign ideas. How it's presented is what's curious, though. Will they go all meta and create a ''what-if'' interpretation (by Zoran killing Nate) of the already ''what-if'' story that is the Adventure cooperative campaign, or will they just show you the opposing perspective until it all leads to a head at the airport? Further more, just who will you fight, generic-grunt-wise, through the campaign? Not like ND will really need, nor attempt, to bend over backwards to make any sense over the proceedings if the original Adventure campaign is anything to go by, but explaining just who's army of nameless grunts you'll be mowing through as the bad guys is something that should prioritise over how Zoran, Flynn and Eddy are working together in the first place.

I'm not expecting it to change the formula up too much ala Raam's Shadow, but given that we'll at least be playing with three very different personalities over the norm, and now for the first time being able to witness these three characters in a more personal behind-the-curtain sense, that's more than to appease most Uncharted fans I believe.

The whole notion of these other 7 packs is curious as well. The original Season Pass only covers the first seven, so will ND be the first to release a second Season Pass? A Season 2 Pass so to speak... Or will they just kindly stitch them all together under the same one (not likely), or I suppose they may just charge them all separately. Non of it really matters to me in the grand scheme, since I'll pay for anything U3 MP related that ND release. But naturally not as many others will be so compliant.

The best part of it all (after reading through again and paying a lil more attention...) is that these extra seven packs are free!... Kinda. You still need the Fortune Hunter's Club Season Pass, but there's no extra charge saddled onto it for those seven extra packs. Altogether, that makes for a mighty tasty discount.

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I got the Fortune Pack so I am happy they added additional DLC, but the Skin packs seem lacking to me. I want Rika Raja, and other skins to come back.

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@Nihilius said:

I got the Fortune Pack so I am happy they added additional DLC, but the Skin packs seem lacking to me. I want Rika Raja, and other skins to come back.

I wouldn't say no to see the return of Sully with his winter-pimp coat.

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@Abyssfull: Oh yeah, I forgot about that skin. I hope they bring out another U2 skin pack.

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My friend and I were joking about Donut Marlowe the other day, and what she'd sound like. We came to the conclusion that she'd sound like Sully.

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Just bought the Hunters Club thing yesterday, and I'm glad to see hat these new packs will come free with it.

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