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I was looking through stuff regarding to the Last of Us and Beyond and I remember that the guy from Quantic Dream said that he does not like to focus his games on shooting and that made me think. Nathan is portrayed in every Uncharted game as a very likeable guy but, when you play the game he is really a cold blooded dude. I mean the death count in all the Uncharted games must be nearing 1000, right? I just find a stark contrast between Nate, the cool guy and Nate the killing machine. If there is going to be another Uncharted I do hope they focus more on the traversal stuff rather than kill rooms. A bit of shooting isn't bad but, it hurts the character.

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Ha ! Ha ! That's a pretty funny thought and it applies to 99% of all video game heroes. In the end, shooting men is most important, which is something they are perhaps looking to change in The Last of Us.

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New and insightful!

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This disconnect in videogames is widely known, and I agree with OP, in Uncharted it really shines through, and based on the E3 video of Last of Us, that game is even worse. Sadly, shooting is the only thing the AAA industry thinks we can do.

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You know, Dude, I myself dabbled in pacifism once. Not in 'Nam of course.
You know, Dude, I myself dabbled in pacifism once. Not in 'Nam of course.
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Just think about it as self defense. If he didn't shoot them, they would shoot him as evidenced in the game.

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This stupid topic again? Just stop playing action games, 99% of them involve you committing digital genocide. Anyway, Uncharted isn't THAT cinematic yet, it's not going to have 7 hours of non-interactive scenes of storytelling and character development with the gameplay broken up into to two minute chunks peppered throughout. Seriously, you make the first Die Hard into a reasonably length game, and John McClane will go from killing 10 people, to about 400.(Sadly, the average video game player wouldn't want to 'play' the exciting sequences where you use innovative QTE action to make fists out of your toes, or argue over your wife's decision to change her last name)

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nate is not a cold blooded killer its just multiple accounts of self-defense

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Nathan Drake is a criminal, but a likeable one. Anybody who try's to deny that fact should go and play Uncharted 2, remember when he broke into a museum?

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You'll notice that at the end of the second game Lazaravic mentions how Drake kills a bunch of dudes along the way. I thought that was a clever way of not avoiding such a topic, also, I'm not a huge fan of Uncharted 2, loved the first, and still haven't played three as I would have hoped I would have done on first day.

Edit - Played three (just beat it on Crushing about an hour ago), and it is amazing. Anyways, everyone tries to kill him, and Drake doesn't want to die, so he has to kill them. If only they didn't get in his way of achieving his goals, he wouldn't have to kill them.

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@Hizang: That museum had it coming. Shame on it for trying to hoard the secret map that leads to the secret treasure from Nathan Drake.

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Yea part of the problem with making a game is that if you are going to have a shoot out there has to be more than two or three guys to kill or it just wouldn't be fun. One of my favorite things about Uncharted 3 was that they started questioning if Drake was a good guy. I think they should have gone a lot further with that but questioning what makes him tick, and what drives him to do what he does was really interesting. You kind of see everyone around him saying that they don't want to go on and that a bunch of treasure isn't worth all of the death involved, but Drake just pushes forward. Amy Henning is a brilliant writer, and I could see her trying to make Drake into a really interesting character. I think she fell just short of succeeding. But I have to say that by the end of Uncharted 3 I really did wonder if Nathan Drake was a good guy or a madman.

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Uncharted's weird. I'm normally able to disconnect the narrative and the gameplay of a game if it serves to keep both make sense, e.g., I'm willing to accept the violence in UC as a necessary gameplay concession even if it is at odds with nice guy Drake, PROVIDING the story doesn't make reference to it. Which it does at the end of two. So the only way I can read Uncharted now is that Drake is just the biggest fucking psychopath on the planet who's attempts to laugh off a situation are just overwhelmingly inappropriate.

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It's a classic disconnect in Video Games, but it seems more noticeable in Uncharted than most games because of the way they set up Nathan and the rest of the (good guys) characters.

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@HellBrendy said:

This disconnect in videogames is widely known, and I agree with OP, in Uncharted it really shines through, and based on the E3 video of Last of Us, that game is even worse. Sadly, shooting is the only thing the AAA industry thinks we can do.

How is it a problem in the Last of Us? The entire focus of combat is about making every bad guy a big deal. Taking a single bullet causes you to stagger back 3 feet. And the dev's said you will very rarely ever have more than a few bullets. They want every kill to have an impact, especially since you can avoid most of them if you choose to play that way. Granted, by the end of that game you'll still have killed a few hundred dudes probably. But it's a step in the right direction.

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First they complain that there's not enough gameplay, then they complain that there's too much gameplay.

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1. You don't actually know what a psychopath is

2. You wanna see a couple of real psychopaths, look no further than Ratchet and Clank. They gun down poor robo innocents, and then gut them to sell their internal gears on the black market. You don't see Drake doing that shit.

Christ, what about that fiend, Mario? Mario's supposed to be protecting the Mushroom Kingdom, but he enjoys feasting on the decapitated heads of the people he's supposed to protect. Now that's fucked up.(Don't even get me started on Donkey Kong's various attempts to rape human women.)

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