Patch 1.02

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Uncharted 3 – Patch 1.02 

Single Player


  • Movie cutscene viewer added (in the Bonuses menu, Single-Player only)


  • Fixed the missing Motion Blur effects (for Single Player only)
  • “Alternate Aim Settings” added to the Options menu under Camera options (for Single Player only)




  • Settings bug fixed: all controls being set to flipped mode setting will no longer change all controls back to default


  • Medal streaks won’t reset if the host migrates to another user
  • Blindfire targeting adjusted so that opposing players past a certain vertical angle above and below won’t be hit.
  • Allow grenade throw while scoped
  • Tuned Pull Down range from 1.5 meters to 2.0 meters
  • Lowered the player running speed when players run ‘n gun by approximately 15%
  • Slightly increased the turn radius of run ‘n gun
  • Slightly decreased the turning speed during Sprint


  • Fixed an infrequent hunter spawning issue in Hunter Arena when the match round switches
  • Fixed several cinema crashes
  • Locked fast-forwarding on convoy sequence in Airstrip TDM and train sequence on London Underground TDM to 3x maximum in Cinema Mode
  • Fixed certain cameras in Kick Offs and Pull Downs
  • Fixed a late join skin bug with locked content
  • Fixed a split-screen Buddy treasure pickup bug
  • Fixed duplicate medal problem causing bad tabulation of a few medals to the player’s career stats

User Interface

  • Objective points now show up in the player’s Competitive statistics tab instead of the Cooperative statistics tab
  • Added a Facebook Sign Out option
  • Added the Add Friend functionality in the Facebook tab
  • Fixed voice icon for mics not appearing in Matchmaking lobby
  • Adding missing weapon stats tracking for certain weapons that were not being recorded to the player stats
  • Fix for not displaying the entire Online ID within the “Players” column of any leaderboard.
  • Fix for a user having an online ID containing fifteen or more characters created in uppercase format and actively using a voice comm device.


  • Matchmaking now waits for double the number of players in the biggest party in the room to be present before starting a game (to prevent parties from being split frequently)
  • Players no longer able to join party that is already in Matchmaking

Thank you for playing and your patience while we built and released this patch. A lot of your feedback went making this patch happen so keep letting us know what you think of the game. Continue to let us know in the forums of any technical issues you might stumble across. Hope you’re enjoying Uncharted 3! See you online!

Have a play and see what you think.
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#2 Posted by rockinkemosabe (647 posts) -

Crushing mode here I come!

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#3 Edited by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

I was going to... but then I remembered how I'd still just rather play more Saints Row The Third <3

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#4 Posted by TheHT (14302 posts) -

Looks like the fixed the run n' gun being the way to win thing people were complaining about. Like, seriously fixed it.

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#5 Posted by Smallville123 (461 posts) -

The gunplay is much better with the new option. Finally got a chance to finish it. Left me wanting more!

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Is it sad that the thing I like most is the cutscene viewer?

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Cool been wondering when the patch would come out, and this is surprisingly fairly soon. Unchart 3 has been on the on my backburner since Saints Row 3 and Assassin's Creed Revlation came out. I've only just finished the french chateau level in the single player. Time to go back.

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#8 Posted by N7 (4159 posts) -

This is how you do a patch. Way to go Naughty Dog.

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#9 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -

So is the new shooting option actually better now?

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#10 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

@Afroman269 said:

So is the new shooting option actually better now?

Absolutely. Ironically I was already warming (or I suppose adjusting would be a better term) up to the shooting style of Uncharted 3, but man... it still feels good to be back. It's essentially been reverted back to Uncharted 2, with a much more fluid reticule and significantly easier headshots to pull off. I myself still don't really want to play through an entire run of Uncharted 3, though... the better shooting of course doesn't remedy the bad pacing of the later stages nor the less-so engaging storyline. But it's still appreciative that it's there.

From the multiplayer side of things, the blind-firing nerf is definitely noticeable, but isn't detracting too much from the number of people who still just run around blind-firing Kal-7's or Micro Uzi's for an entire match. It's much easier to counter against because of the stilted speed, though, so hopefully people will soon realise that that ridiculous tactic isn't going to keep them above water as much as it used to.

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Just played a couple of gunfights from single player with the Alternate Aim Mode on and oh boy.....does it feel a billion times better. I started off playing each with the original UC3 setting and could not believe how much the reticle gets pushed away from enemies. But when I put the Alternate Mode on it felt just like UC2! Glad they fixed it, I just wish the game had shipped like that. I loved 3, but I did get really frustrated during some of the big firefights.

I'd love to go back and play MP and the story through again, but Skyrim has it's hooks in me and will for probably until Mass Effect 3....also want to get another playthrough of Mass Effect 2 in.

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#12 Posted by Djratchet (687 posts) -

Finally got around to beating Crushing last night thanks to this patch. The enemies still have unholy flanking/sniping skills, but at least i could line up headshots.

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