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    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Nov 01, 2011

    On an expedition to find the mythical "Atlantis of the Sands" in the heart of the Arabian Desert, Nathan Drake and his partner, Victor Sullivan, encounter a deceptive organization led by a ruthless dictator. Terrible secrets unfold, causing Drake's quest to descend into a bid for survival.

    guip1408's Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Game of the Year Edition) (PlayStation 3) review

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    Improving on the Improvements

    The third game in the Uncharted series takes an extra step towards amazing action games that doesn't care to look like a completely over the top popcorn action movie, while being awesome. I thought the second game was way better then the first one, improving in every level, and I think the third one is slightly better the his predecessor, keeping the trend upwards.

    The game keeps delivering on the crazy moments, amazing visuals and incredible graphical detail. Again, having a great villain - like the second game - they keep up the same formula in a way that doesn't make me mad not even a little. You follow Nathan Drake and his partners while they discover some old hidden clues to a place nobody has ever seen, while the bad guys want something from that same place. The shooting is the same, as is the climbing, but the puzzles... Oh, man! The puzzles, they're some of the best and well paced puzzles I can remember in any modern video game. It's incredible. They're not as easy as the ones from previous games and are so creative, you have to pay more attention to solve them. I loved it so much!

    At this point, if you kept going through the series you know what you'll get, and you probably is familiar with the characters, I think they hit their high point here. Not sure if the writing got better or they just changed by choice, but man this game have some amazing dialogue. The soundtrack is still good, the graphics ara still impressive. The only knock I have against this game and it's what would made me not give this a 10/10, is that you'll have more fun if you play it on Easy. Just like the previous games, there are some frustating gun fights that put you constantly on bad spots, against RPGs, armored enemies and the usual trouble. I loved how they implemented that new arc to throwback the grenades, it's a pretty nice mechanic that adds another lair of skill for the player.

    Nathan is still the luckiest and the most fit human ever, his crew is still one of the best in video games and you have to play this.

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