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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Takes the Uncharted concept to a whole new level and tells a thrilling and touching tale.

Verticality and in-and-out-of-stealth functions refresh the combat and make it the best yet.

The Madagascar chase scene is one of the highpoints of the franchise. I also love the clocktower.

The seeking AI is garbage and easy to exploit. Pop up and be seen, then just pop back down and it's like you were never there. Makes stealth gameplay very cartoonish.

The final boss fight vs Rafe is awful. It has nothing to do with skills accumulated over the course of the game, just a series of QTEs. Yawn.

Maybe the best Uncharted but doesn't have quite the impact that Uncharted 2 has. It isn't, and never had much chance to be, nearly as revolutionary.


Played Fall 2020

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