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Uncharted Is Amazing!

Uncharted: Drakes fortune by Naughty Dog

From the first opening movie uncharted has you strapped in your seat, if you like action adventure games and lost treasure type storyline, the masters from Naughty Dog have a gem for you.

And what a beauty it is, from the Graphics to Sound, from Storyline to gameplay, this game is absolutely brilliant.
Lets start of with drake, a not so fortunate 21st century treasure hunter. He fits in this game like destruction at a Germany-Holland soccer match. (im German, don't hate)
The voice acting during the whole game is outstanding, mostly you'll feel like your watching a Hollywood movie rather than playing a video game. But don't be fooled, the gameplay is smooth and exiting, there is literally no transition from cinematic to gameplay. This is also thanks to no loading times during the whole game, unless you load a particular level or you start up the game.

The Graphics are nothing we have seen before on the PS3 yet and the amount of detail is a little taste of whats to come in the near future for the PS3.
You are able to find treasures in the game and earn a lot of skill points for various things, which leads me to my next point. After you will have finished the game, you'll notice that you have unlocked a lot of great things.
One of those things is the flip world option, this mirrors the levels for you, the next time you play through the game.

In conclution, this is the best PS3 game i have seen so far and it is a must have title for anyone who is even slightly interested in action adventure games.

Graphics - 9.6
Sound - 9.5
Gameplay - 9.4
Story - 9.8
Presentation - 9.4

Overall - 9.6
Peace out! - DaveDog

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