*Spoilers* If you finished the game come share you're thoughts.

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#1 Posted by SuperCabboy (100 posts) -

I really liked the game, as someone who's never played an uncharted game it was a great introduction to the series. My main gripe with the game is the final boss, that touch based QTE was the worst! What did you think about the game?

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#2 Posted by Mars (403 posts) -

I thought it was the most fun I've had playing an Uncharted game to date. Story was lame and the end battle swipe qte sucked, but, other than that I loved it. I even found myself enjoying the combat, which is a first for me in UC. I still dont get the black market and I wish there were unlockable cheats after beating the game, but I recommend this game to any action/adventure game fan. I personally feel like Jeff's review was a little harsh. This game is totally worth a purchase.

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I think it's the best uncharted yet for gameplay but the story lets it down and i hated that swipe battle at the end. Still think anyone that has a vita should pick it up. It is also surprisingly lengthy, i clocked it on normal at about 10 hours and i'm going through it again on hard at the moment.

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I thought it was a fun game worth playing. I wrote a review just now instead of making a long post here. :)

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Great for a PORTABLE Uncharted (it annoys me when people say it's not as good as the console ones) didn't like the QTEs throughout the game-but hopefully dev's will stop using the touchscreen when they realise nobody likes it. Nearly got a platinum trophy on it add me if you want - ian280291

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loved it as well. I agree the QTEs at the end were the least fun part. But the same thing can be said about most of the touch stuff in the game.

Perhaps it's a delusional mind trying to justify the purchase of a Vita but I enjoyed this more than Uncharted 3. Given, I haven't completed Uncharted 3 but I played through Golden Abyss in 2 weeks; I never felt bored or irritated and wanting to stop. Uncharted 3, that's how I feel. Keep hopping in and then not playing it for awhile because I'm just not having as much fun.

Also, the end cave area looks gorgeous. Aside from it being on a little portable screen I think it could easily pass as a PS3 game, seriously. I don't know what happened but it seems like the game had a graphical jump at the end. Perhaps they just couldn't render the jungle as well as they could the inside of a cave.

Hope there is a 2nd Vita Uncharted game or perhaps even a port of the 1st game or, heck, how about a prequel game with Sully. Anything.

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