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    Undead Burg

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    An abandoned town area intended for beginner characters in Dark Souls; it also serves as the hunting grounds for the fearsome Hellkite Dragon.

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    The Undead Burg is one of the first areas open to new Dark Souls characters who have completed the tutorial area, the Undead Asylum, and reached Lordran's Firelink Shrine. This desolate Burg is divided into two main areas, the Upper and Lower Burg, and lies between a set of Lordran's outer walls. The Upper Undead Burg connects to the Undead Parish by way of a large stone bridge; this area is mostly occupied by Hollow soldiers and also serves as a hunting ground for the ferocious Hellkite Dragon. The dragon (technically a drake) is fiercely territorial and will attack unwary adventurers attempting to cross the bridge; it is not recommended to engage this enemy in direct combat. Solaire of Astora, a friendly NPC, also first appears in this area and can offer players an item to enable online cooperative play.

    The boss of the Upper Undead Burg, the Taurus Demon, must be defeated in order to reach the bridge and proceed to the Undead Parish. Once the Basement Key is obtained from the Parish, it can be used to access the Lower Undead Burg through a door next to the bridge. The lower section of the Burg hosts several nimble Undead Assassins capable of easily parrying melee attacks, as well as the formidable Capra Demon boss who carries the Key to the Depths. Griggs of Vinheim may also be found locked inside one of the many residences lining the Lower Burg's walls; he becomes an NPC spell vendor at Firelink Shrine following his rescue.

    Havel the Rock, an old battle comrade of Lord Gwyn, is imprisoned in the basement of one of Undead Burg's outer wall turrets behind a locked door. A second door in this chamber also serves as a shortcut to Darkroot Basin.


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