Do the GTA games really belong?

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When I think of games with underwater parts, I generally think of games that take place either while swimming or in vehicles or locations that reside under the water. As such, the GTA games don't really count. Players could not swim until GTA:San Andreas, which means that they could not have been underwater in either GTAIII or Vice City. San Andreas might count as an underwater game because there are missions that take place that require swimming and collecting the clams takes place under water. GTAIV isn't really related to underwater by this standard either. Do you agree that we should eliminate all but San Andreams from the list?

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You dump Vlad into the water? I don't know, I would say this doesn't belong.

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@Bobby: More importantly how is God of War III on this list when it hasent even been released?
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Yeah the only game that should be there is San Andreas

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Your not underwater in the GTA series, so I would say no.

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