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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 22, 2017

    A top-down rogue-like dungeon crawler with real-time melee combat, complex puzzles, and a unique level generation system.

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    Originally releasing in 2017, Unexplored is a top-down, rogue-lite action RPG, heavily based on the original Rogue. Following a similar plot to that of Rogue, the player takes the role of an adventurer, delving into the Dungeon of Doom in search of the Amulet of Yendor. Unexplored features an achievement-based progression system, which unlocks new classes and items based on player accomplishments, as well as a unique "cyclical level generation" system, which procedurally generates levels to incorporate puzzles requiring special items from other areas of the dungeon, giving the game a unique feel even among other games with procedurally-generated levels.

    In 2018, Unexplored received a Nintendo Switch port under the title "Unexplored: Unlocked Edition", featuring the base game as well as the three free DLC campaigns from the PC release. In 2019, the Unlocked Edition was ported to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.


    In the base game of Unexplored, there are eight character classes for the player to choose from, however only the Adventurer class is available from the beginning, and the other seven must be unlocked. Each class is best suited towards certain types of gear, however no class is barred from using any gear.

    • Adventurer: Unlocked from the start, the adventurer is a jack-of-all-trades class, and starts with a short sword, a dagger, and leather armor.
    • Archer: Unlocked upon collection 48 arrows in one run, the archer is a ranged class, and starts with a bow, 24 arrows, a dagger, and leather armor.
    • Barbarian: Unlocked upon crafting an orc-tooth necklace, the barbarian is an attack class, and starts with a horned helmet, a big axe, and a dagger.
    • Cleric: Unlocked upon using a last rites scroll on a skeleton, the cleric is a melee class, and starts with a mace, a small shield, leather armor, two scrolls each of last rites and light, and a holy idol.
    • Musketeer: Unlocked upon killing a boss with a gun, the musketeer is a ranged class focused on guns, and starts with a pistol, 12 gunpowder and bullets, a short sword, leather armor, and a hat.
    • Rogue: Unlocked upon picking a lock, the rogue is a stealth class, and starts with two daggers, leather armor, and a cloak of +1 stealth.
    • Warrior: Unlocked upon killing 50 enemies with one sword, the warrior is a melee class, and starts with a sword, a small shield, a dagger, leather armor, and a ring of parrying +1.
    • Wizard: Unlocked upon using a scroll of recharging to replenish a staff, the wizard is a magic class, and starts with a dagger, a staff of magic missile, two scrolls of recharging, and a hat of lore +1.

    Potions and Scrolls

    Throughout the Dungeon of Doom, the player will find a variety of potions and scrolls, most of which will be unidentified. The effects of these items can be positive or negative, with no way of telling one from the other until the player uses them or identifies them through other means. Scrolls of Identify or Detect Magic can help identify unknown potions or scrolls, and journals found in the dungeon may give the player a hint as to the use of a given item.

    Special Runs

    Unexplored features six "special runs", each featuring various differences from the standard campaign. Three of the special runs (the Daily Dungeon, Weekly Dungeon, and Makeshift Time Trial) were present in the PC launch of the game. The remaining three (Mithril Run, Ripley Run, and The Crimson Court) were released as free DLC for the PC version, and feature more significant differences from the base game as well as achievement progression systems unique to each run type. In the console versions of Unexplored, the DLC runs are included in the base game as Unexplored: Unlocked Edition.

    Listed below is each type of special run, alongside a brief description of the run.

    Mithril Run: Inspired by The Lord of the Rings, the Mithril run features a number of new player classes to choose from, such as Elf Ranger, Dwarf Warrior, and Halfling Rogue. Delving into Moryondor Mines, the player must reach the Heart of the Mountain, collecting as much gold as possible along the way.Daily Dungeon: The Daily Dungeon is a daily run-style Dungeon of Doom campaign featuring a new dungeon every day. The Daily Dungeon also features two leaderboards, one for the most gold collected in a day's dungeon, and one for the fastest time to exit the dungeon.
    Ripley Run: Heavily based on the movie Aliens, the Ripley Run sends the player into the abandoned mining facility LV-426 to stop an infestation of creeps. Potions and scrolls are automatically identified, and enemy locations are shown on the mini-map at all times.Weekly Dungeon: The Weekly Dungeon is similar to the Daily Dungeon, albeit changing dungeon layouts on a weekly basis, rather than a daily one. Like the Daily Dungeon, the Weekly Dungeon features two leaderboards, one for fastest exit and one for most gold collected.

    The Crimson Court: Loosely based on Lovecraftian mythos and the King Crimson song The Court of the Crimson King, The Crimson Court tasks the player with preventing the titular Crimson Court from summoning "The Great Old One" by infiltrating the court's mansion and figuring out the ritual's weakness through books scattered in the mansion. Unlike other campaigns, this one features a time limit.

    Makeshift Time Trial: The Makeshift Time Trial is a randomly generated Dungeon of Doom run, featuring a shorter and more dangerous dungeon than the standard campaign. The Makeshift Time Trial features a leaderboard showing the fastest escape times players have accomplished.

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