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    A desert warrior who lived in Muska Lacka village before it was destroyed by the Dark Genie. He joins Toan once his village is restored. He fights with spears, rods, and staves.

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    Ungaga is a desert warrior from Muska Lacka who is regarded as the strongest warrior along with the Chief taking the top.

    Story Arcs

    Muska Lacka

    Toan meets Ungaga
    Toan meets Ungaga

    Ungaga is first encountered right outside the Sun/Moon Temple. He is found to be in a rather disappointed and upset state because he believes he was a failure in protecting his people against the Dark Genie. Theo cheers him up while Toan explores the temple to collect the Atlas in order to rebuild the village. When Toan finally rebuilds the 3 sister's house, Ungaga arrives to see his beloved Mikara alive. He tells the oldest sister and everyone why he has chosen Mikara as his wife.

    Before the Dark Genie attack, Ungaga was attacked and stung by a scorpion. After the attack, he sat in wait for his inevitable death from the poison, only to have Mikara, the youngest of the 3 sisters, save him by sucking the poison out. Ungaga had chosen her for his wife and there love was just blossoming as the village of Muska Lacka was being destroyed.

    Ungaga joins Toan after this event. He helps Toan by asking the Chief to lend her support to Toan about the signets and the key to rebuilding the village.


    Ungaga is a mid ranged, physical combatant whose weapons enable him long reach. Despite his long reach, he is slower than Toan.

    Special Ability: His special ability in dungeons involves taking away dark energy that blocks a pathway by twirling his spear and absorbing it all away. This ability is incredibly important in fighting the boss (King's Curse) in the Sun/Moon temple as it is the only way to get the dark energy off of him to make him vulnerable.

    Ungaga's Charged Attack: He can twirl his weapon to do a combo on his enemies. However, his weapon's WHP gauge goes down quickly.

    Special Items

    Favorite Food: Scorpion Jerky - Raises his Defense.


    These weapons can evolve except for the default weapon. All weapons can be found in large treasure chests, and some are given.

    • Fighting Stick - Default weapon that has a default wind attribute.
    • Javelin
    • Halberd
    • 5 Foot Nail - This weapon has a special ability called Critical. Occasionally, Ungaga can kill an enemy in one blow.
    • Partisan
    • Desanga
    • Scorpion - This weapon has a special ability called Poison. It poisons his enemies after attacking them.
    • Cactus
    • Mirage
    • Terra Sword

    Ultimate Weapons

    These are in their final forms and can only be obtained through evolution of the weapons above except for the default weapon.

    • Babel's Spear
    • Hercules' Wrath

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