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    Unicorns are mythological creatures, usually thought of as magical, intelligent horse-like entities with a single horn on their forehead. They can be fierce forest protectors and are a symbol of chastity and moral pureness.

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    The Unicorn is one of the few magical creatures not meant to inspire fear, unlike dragons, or chimeras. In most video games where Unicorns appear, they are enchanted, tranquil beasts. Their horns commonly have magical properties. In  Castle Crashers, for example, a unicorn horn can be employed as a weapon. Conversely, in Viva Pinata, Unicorn horns can be used for healing. According to Leonardo da Vinci, the ideal method of capturing a Unicorn was to have a virgin in your midst. A Unicorn that sees a "fair maiden" is said to lower its inhibitions, and fall asleep in its lap shortly afterward.  This would give you an opportunity to catch the Unicorn.

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