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    The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, and an island nation, comprising of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Its capital city is London. The country has the second largest economy in Europe after Germany.

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    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, simply abbreviated to the UK, is a sovereign country located in northwestern Europe. As of 2022, the current monarch is King Charles III.

    The UK's capital (and largest) city is London - which is also one of the largest and most popular cities throughout Europe.

    Constituent Countries

    The United Kingdom is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


    Being the largest country by size and population in the UK, England is an important factor to the UK's economical and cultural growth.

    Of all the countries located in the UK, England has been the most popular game setting, and has also been referenced numerous times in a variety of games.

    The capital city of England is London. The largest cities in England include Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.


    To the west of England is Wales, which is the second smallest country in the UK. Known for its unique language and culture which is influenced by the early Britons, Wales is a relatively rural country with most of its urban growth being situated in the south.

    Despite being infrequently used, Wales has featured as a game setting for a multitude of sports games - particularly racing games, due to the country's mountainous regions.

    The capital city of Wales is Cardiff.


    The northern area above England is Scotland, the second largest UK country.

    The capital city of Scotland is Edinburgh.

    Northern Ireland

    The capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast.


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