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    United Nations Space Command

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    The United Nations Space Command is the military force that represents the united Human race in the Halo franchise. They are all that stand between the Covenant and their goal of exterminating Humanity.

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    The United Nations Space Command (UNSC) serves as the sole military branch of the United Earth Government (UEG). Originally established to serve as a United Nations agency dedicated to coordinating marine activity in space, the UNSC later consolidated all other military branches (Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Intelligence agencies, Militia and Navy) into its own. The UNSC also has interests in space exploration and scientific research. The events of the Human-Covenant War caused widespread panic and allowed the UNSC to gain military control of the United Earth Government.


    In the 21st century, humans began colonization of other planets. Starting with Mars and the Jovian Moons in 2080, populations spread across the solar system. As a result of this splintering, the United Nations organization gained control over Earth's governments.

    Interplanetary War

    The 22nd century brought a number of problems to Earth, the largest of which was overpopulation. The increasingly crowded conditions and drastically lower quality of life led to a weakening of governmental power and exacerbated existing tensions between the world's governments. Numerous wars broke out and terrorist and rebel groups were formed among the failing political powers. During the political turmoil, there was a rise in popularity of older ideologies on Earth, namely communism. The neo-communist group on earth were called Koslovics after their founder, Vladimir Koslov. In response to attacks on their corporations, anti-Koslavic sentiment grew on the Jovian Moons to the point where an opponent political movement began. This Nazi-fascist group was known as the Frieden movement. Frieden forces attacked the UN colonial presence on Io in 2160, starting the Jovian Moon Campaign. Responding to the threat of these new radical political movements, the UN permanently allocated resources into militarization over diplomatic pursuits. Other wars followed between the Koslovics, Frieden, and UN forces, most notably the Rain Forest Wars of South America in 2162.

    The conflict continued to escalate and eventually moved to Mars. In the Argyre Planitia Campaign, the UN adopted a strategy of dropping Marine troops from orbit to the surface and performing precision strikes on key Koslovic targets. This tactic was so effective, the UN established a new agency dedicated to coordinating all Marine orbital drops. Thus, the UNSC was created. By 2164, the UNSC encompassed all branches of the current armed forces. With vastly increased power and an influx of new troops, the UNSC managed to overwhelm both the Koslovics and the Frieden, as well as most other terrorist movements in the solar system. In 2170, the United Earth Government was formed and the UNSC placed under its control.

    Interstellar Colonization

    Following the Interplanetary Wars, the problem of overpopulation continued to threaten Earth. A solution to the problem presented itself with the development of the Shaw-Fujikawa Slipspace Drive in the late 23rd century. This enabled ships to reach distant stars in a relatively short period of time. Massive colonization ships were launched carrying people and terraforming equipment to distant planets. Within 200 years, there were over 800 colonies under the UNSC. Because of the large number of off-world settlements, the UNSC had to struggle to maintain control over the outer colonies, where there were increasing threats of secession. In an effort to prevent an uprising, the military SPARTAN program was started.

    Human-Covenant War

     Covenant Forces
     Covenant Forces
    With the expansion across the galaxy, humanity was able to make first contact with an alien species, The Covenant, in 2525. The Covenant proved immediately hostile, attacking the Human colony of Harvest and starting the Human-Covenant War. As the Battle of Harvest continued, the UNSC was able to use the struggle to override civilian authority in the United Earth Government, establishing the UNSC as an emergency military government. The war continued with heavy UNSC Defense Force losses, as well as most SPARTANs, arguably the most valuable asset of the UNSC, being listed as MIA after the fall of Reach.
    Following the discovery and subsequent destruction of Alpha Halo (Installation 04) in 2552, The Covenant managed to discover the position of Earth while searching for the Ark. This nearly resulted in the defeat of Earth's forces, however with the activation of the Artifact in Africa and the assistance of the Sangheili fleet gave the UNSC an opportunity to pursue the Covenant Loyalists to the Ark and defeat them in one final battle. As a result of the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC lost many military installations, as well as suffering huge personnel and civilian casualties.

    Battles of the Human-Covenant War

    • Battle of 18 Scorpii
    • Battle of Algolis
    • Battle of Alpha Aurigae
    • Battle of Alpha Base
    • Battle of Ariel
    • Battle of Ballast
    • Battle of Charybdis IX
    • Battle of Chi Ceti
    • Battle of Cleveland
    • Battle of Draco III
    • Battle of Earth
    • Battle of Eridanus II
    • Battle of Hat Yai
    • Battle of Havana
    • Battle of Installation 00
    • Battle of Installation 04
    • Battle of Installation 05
    • Battle of Jericho VII
    • Battle of Kholo
    • Battle of Leonis Minoris
    • Battle of Line Installation 1-4
    • Battle of Mare Erythraeum
    • Battle of Metisette
    • Battle of Miridem
    • Battle of Mombasa
    • Battle of New Constantinople
    • Battle of New Harmony
    • Battle of New Jerusalem
    • Battle of Psi Serpentis
    • Battle of Ross Island
    • Battle of Sector Six
    • Battle of Sigma Octanus IV
    • Battle of Skopje
    • Battle of Tribute
    • Battle of Verge
    • Battle of XI Boötis A
    • Battle of the Citadel
    • Battle of the Flood-controlled Shield World
    • Battle of the Great Bear
    • Battle of the Quarantine Zone
    • Battle of the Rubble
    • Battle of the Silent Cartographer
    • Battle of the Unnamed Star System
    • Fall of Reach
    • First Battle of Arcadia
    • First Battle of Harvest
    • First Battle of High Charity
    • First Battle of Mombasa
    • Harvest Campaign
    • Massacre at Eridanus Secundus
    • Massacre of Troy
    • Battle of Onyx
    • Operation: FIRST STRIKE
    • Operation: PROMETHEUS
    • Operation: TORPEDO
    • Raid of Reach
    • Raid on Heian
    • Raid on High Charity
    • Second Battle of Arcadia
    • Second Battle of Harvest
    • Second Battle of Mombasa
    • Siege of Paris IV
    • Siege of the Atlas Moons
    • Skirmish Over Harvest
    • Skirmish over Threshold
    • Battle of Voi



    The United Nations Space Command Defense Force (UNSCDF) is the defensive military branch of the UNSC. The UNSCDF handles all air, land, and space defense for the UEG. Before its destruction, the UNSCDF had its main base on Reach.

    The UNSCDF is run by the UNSC High Command (HIGHCOM), a part of the UNSC Security Council. Commands are passed down though Central Commands, which are each based in different regions of space. There are four main military services under the UNSCDF.


    Responsible for all space operations. This includes ship-to-ship combat, planetary attacks, and orbital deployment of Marines into combat. The Navy also houses the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). ONI is responsible for most intelligence work in the UNSC, and retains a reputation of being very mysterious in its operations. Another key part of the Navy is the Naval Special Warfare (NAVSPECWAR) branch, which is responsible for the SPARTAN-I and SPARTAN-II programs, while ONI continued work separately on the SPARTAN-III program.

    Marine Corps

    Responsible for land-based operations and protection of naval ships and installations. The Marine Corps played a major role in the Interplanetary War with the introduction of orbital drops. The Corps is also responsible for training the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) or "Helljumpers". ODSTs remain one of the best lines of defense, second only to the SPARTANs.


    Responsible for land-based operations. The Army is mostly used in defensive operations, such as patrolling and holding UNSC controlled areas.

    Air Force

    Responsible for aerial defense. The Air Force provides a support role for both the Army and the Marine Corps.


    Ground Vehicles

     M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (Warthog) 
     M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (Warthog) 

    Aerial Vehicles

     D77-TC Pelican Dropship (Pelican) 
     D77-TC Pelican Dropship (Pelican) 
    • AV-14 Attack VTOL (Hornet)
    • D77-TC Pelican Dropship (Pelican)
    • C709 Longsword-class Interceptor (Longsword)
    • Shortsword-class Bomber
    • Sparrowhawk (Hawk)
    • AC-220 Vulture Gunship (Vulture)
    • Albatross Heavy Dropship
    • F-99 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle
    • Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle
    • Bumblebee Escape Pod
    • Human Supply Ship
    • Falcon Tiltrotor


     Halcyon-class Cruiser                                    UNSC Pillar of Autumn
     Halcyon-class Cruiser UNSC Pillar of Autumn
    • Black Cat-class Subprowler
    • Calypso-class Exfiltration Craft
    • Chiroptera-class Stealth Vessel
    • Gorgon-class Destroyer
    • Halcyon-class Cruiser
    • Laden-class Freighter
    • Mako-class Corvette
    • Marathon-class Cruiser
    • Parabola-class Freighter
    • Phoenix-class Colony Ship
    • Stealth Cruiser
    • UNSC Carrier
    • UNSC Destroyer
    • UNSC Frigate
    • UNSC Light Frigate
    • UNSC Prowler
    • UNSC Supercarrier


     MA5C Individual Combat Weapon (Assault Rifle)
     MA5C Individual Combat Weapon (Assault Rifle)


     Bubble Shield
     Bubble Shield




    Known Colonies

    • Algolis
    • Alpha Aurigae System
    • Arcadia (Planet)
    • Ariel
    • Asmara
    • Atlas
    • Ballast
    • Beta Centauri
    • Beta Gabriel
    • Biko
    • Bliss
    • Charybdis IX
    • Chi Ceti IV
    • Chi Rho
    • Circumstance
    • Coral
    • Cote d'Azure
    • Crystal
    • Cyrus VII
    • Draco III
    • Dwarka
    • Emerald Cove
    • Epsilon Eridani IV
    • Eridanus II
    • Falaknuma
    • Far Isle
    • Ganymede
    • Gilgamesh
    • Green Hills
    • Groombridge-1830
    • Harmony
    • Harvest
    • Hat Yai
    • Jericho VII
    • Jovian Moons
    • Kholo
    • Leonis Minoris
    • Levosia
    • Luna
    • Madrigal
    • Mamore
    • Mars
    • Minister
    • Miridem
    • New Constantinople
    • New Harmony
    • New Jerusalem
    • Onyx
    • Paradise Falls
    • Paris IV
    • Reach
    • Roost
    • Sargasso
    • Second Base
    • Sigma Octanus IV
    • Skopje
    • Tantalus
    • Theta Ursae Majoris System
    • Tribute
    • Troy
    • Verent
    • Verge
    • Victoria
    • XI Boötis A System

    UNSC bases

    • Fort York
    • Fort Deen
    • Roosevelt Military Base
    • Crow's Nest
    • Firebase Bravo
    • Camp Hathcock
    • Camp Independence
    • Chawla Base
    • Diego Garcia
    • Segundo Terra
    • Camp Currahee
    • Outpost C9
    • Rat's Nest

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