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    Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 18, 2001

    Explore the Universal Studios Theme Park and play minigames based on its rides and attractions in this launch window GameCube game.

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    Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure is a mini-game collection/adventure title released for the GameCube in 2001 by Kemco. Putting the player in the light-up shoes of a nameless, elementary school-aged protagonist, the title has players exploring a hub world based off of the Universal Studios theme park and playing minigames based off of rides and attractions in the park. The game was a launch title in PAL regions.

    Your objective in the game is to ride all the attractions and get a stamp certifying that you have done so; if you do great you'll receive a red stamp, do poorly and you'll get a blue stamp. While walking around you will also stumble upon park goers who need help. From retrieving a lost cell phone to picking up trash, this game has all the fun activities that you'd wish to do at a theme park. 
    You are introduced to the game by Woody Woodpecker and you can exchange points with him to buy items. You obtain points by doing favors with park goers and picking up trash and throwing it away among other tasks. You also get points by finding letters similar to Donkey Kong Country, in which you collected the letters that spelled out KONG. Here you collect the letters that spell out Universal Studios. 
    There are stamps for seven attractions and the last one for finding all the letters to spell out Universal Studios. Once you have collected all stamps you are able to talk to Woody Woodpecker and see Hollywood Magic, regardless of what color stamps you received. Hollywood Magic is simply a CG video capturing everything the park had to offer and then cutting to credits.

    The Attractions

    • E.T. Adventure

      E.T. Adventure is the first attraction that you will play. You are tasked with getting  E.T. back to his spaceship, similar to the famous scene in the movie. You ride a bicycle from the right to the left, all the while dodging cars, fallen trees, falling rocks and puddles of water. You can hit speed pads and ramps to get a boost as well. This mini-game is similar to Excitebike.
    • Jaws

      For this attraction, you play the scene from the movie in which Jaws is attacking the boat. Jaws will approach and take bites out of your boat, if he takes a bite out of each section it's game over. To combat Jaws, you throw barrels and crates at him when he attacks.
    • Animation Celebration

      Animation Celebration is simply a collection of three mini-games that you play with Winnie Woodpecker. The only one available at the beginning is a quiz. The quiz is about Universal movies and to unlock the other two games, you must answer ten questions correctly. The second game is a puzzle in which you must slide to tiles into position to finish the image. The final game with Winnie is called Concentration. There are thirty tiles totaling up to fifteen pairs. You must match all fifteen pairs together. These mini-games can be played in multiplayer.
    • Back to the Future - The Ride

      A bully named Biff has stolen the DeLorean and the player must chase him and ram into to him to reduce his health. In this attraction you'll fly the DeLorean though a city, an ice environment and a lava environment.
    • Backdraft

      In Backdraft, you play as a fireman rescuing any survivors from a burning building. You have a fire hose that you can use to put out fires, but if you come across a fire extinguisher, it'll do the job faster. You must also dodge any explosions; if damaged you can pick up hearts around the level to add on to your health.
    • Jurassic Park - The Ride

      For the Jurassic Park attraction you man a laser/cannon on the back of a Jeep, while being driven through Jurassic Park. You must protect the Jeep by shooting down any dinosaurs that try to attack. You will be attacked by a range of different dinosaurs, from the small velociraptors, to the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex. You can charge the cannon to lock on to your targets and when played this way the game resembles Charge n Blast or Rez.
    • Waterworld

      For the Waterworld "attraction", you simply witness a CG video of a plane crashing into a pool of water, starting on fire and then being put out. The video is no more than ten seconds long and you can view it from five different angles. You do not get a stamp for doing this but rather points. Make sure to do it during the day as the "attraction" is closed at night.
    • The Wild, Wild, Wild West

      This attraction is a shooting range segment. It's you versus the computer and to win you must shoot cans, targets and bonus signs among other objects to rack up a high score. Play through three rounds to beat the computer. This attraction can be played with two people.

    Characters You Can Shake Hands With

    While walking around the park, you might come across "popular characters you might know" that you can shake hands with. Doing so will result in the accumulation of points; you get around one thousand points once every time you shake someone's hand. This is a list of mascots you can shake hands with in alphabetical order. 

    • Chilly Willy

      Chilly Willy is a cartoon penguin who was created in 1953.
    • Creature

      As in the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
    • Frankenstein

      It's Frankenstein , need I say more.
    • Knothead

      Knothead is another woodpecker, he is the brother of Splinter and the nephew to Woody Woodpecker.
    • Splinter

      Splinter is the niece of Woody Woodpecker and the sister to Knothead, and a rather obscure character.
    • Wolfman

      The Wolfman is the star of his own movie, that Universal put out in 1941.

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