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Fantastic rendition of a classic card game- but not perfect.

UNO Review - December 16, 2009
UNO is a card game that almost everyone has played at least once in their lives. While you may not be familiar with the rules, the game is astoundingly easy to pick up and play, and features good, light-hearted fun. The Xbox Live Arcade version of the game captures the spirit of UNO quite well, and, despite a few minor flaws, is a fantastic rendition of the said game.
- Graphics
The graphics in UNO are, predictably, nothing too fancy. The animation is smooth, the cards look good, and the menus are attractive. The colours used in the game are all very vibrant, and there is a lot of light throughout. There are no 'people' in the game per se- you never see a hand or arm or face at all while playing, but that works to UNO's advantage. It makes you feel more in the game, and more like you're playing an actual round of UNO. The graphics may not be groundbreaking, but they get the job done- in style, I might add.
- Sound
UNO sports a catchy soundtrack of jazz, acoustic, and easy-listening music, all of it instrumental and playing on a constant flow. There is no customizable soundtrack here; but luckily, there aren't any annoying songs anyway. The music fits the game well, and sounds good to boot. Sound effects, such as cards flipping and anthematic choruses crying UNO! when you have a single card left, add to the experience. The sound in UNO is fantastic.
- Replayability
UNO is a fun game to just sit back and relax too. There aren't any alien hordes or bad guys out trying to kill you in this game.While some of the game does depend on luck, there is also some strategy needed in order to out-UNO your competitors. This game may be one of the easiest to obtain all the Xbox achievements for, however, and making some of them a little more challenging would have been a good move. The great multiplayer (with Xbox Live vision camera support) is a superb addition to the game. The fact that this is one of the most popular Xbox Live Arcade games almost guarantees that you will at least find someone online to play with at any given time.
- Overall
UNO, at a mere 400 Microsoft points, is an absolute bargain. The fun, lighthearted gameplay, mixed with a fantastic online mode and constant updates from the developers, make this one Xbox Live arcade game you can't miss. While it isn't a perfect game, it's flaws are minor (such as the achievements being a bit too easy and the lack of variety in the game modes). Even if you have never played UNO before, it is worth buying this. Definitely check this game out.

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