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    Unova is the Pokemon region explored in Generation V games Black & White.

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    Unova (Isshu) is much farther away from the other four regions ( Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh) than they are from each other.

    Unova is based on an area outside of Japan, while the other four have been based upon areas within Japan (Kanto corresponds with the real life Kanto Region, Johto with Kansai/Chubu, Hoenn with Kyushu/ Okinawa, and Sinnoh with Hokkaido).

    Region Information

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    Unova features big cities and small towns, as well as a number of caves and forests. There are points in the game where the player may see motor vehicles and generally more technology is available to the player.

    However, despite many instances of high level technology, the region also contains wooden train tracks (although not in use), while Kanto/Johto contains the Magnet Train. When released, the land mass of Unova was shown to have a strong resemblance to New York City, with the centre of Unova in the heart of Manhattan.

    The region is the first to contain game specific areas and visual differences due to which version played. Black City and White Forest only occur in their respective games, while in a few instances throughout the game (notably in Opelucid City) there are very obvious differences in appearance. Pokemon White version has less of a technological footprint that Black version, as is evidenced by White Forest.


    Towns and Cities

    • Nuvema Town
    • Accumula Town
    • Striaton City
    • Nacrene City
    • Castelia City
    • Nimbassa City
    • Driftveil City
    • Mistralton City
    • Icirrus City
    • Opelucid City
    • Lacunosa Town
    • Undella Town
    • Black City/White Forest
    • Anville Town

    Other Areas of Interest

    • Dreamyard
    • Wellspring Cave
    • Pinwheel Forest
    • Desert Resort
    • Relic Castle
    • Lostlorn Forest
    • Cold Storage
    • Mistralton Cave
    • Chargestone Cave
    • Twist Mountain
    • Celestial Tower
    • Dragonspiral Tower
    • Moor of Icirrus
    • Challenger's Cave
    • Undella Bay
    • Abyssal Ruins
    • Abundant Shrine
    • Poke Transfer Lab
    • White Forest (White Version Only)
    • Victory Road
    • P2 Laboratory
    • Liberty Garden
    • Skyarrow Bridge
    • Driftveil Drawbridge
    • Tubeline Bridge
    • Village Bridge
    • Marvelous Bridge
    • Entralink

    Fun Facts

    • Unova is entirely a product from the build in the New York locations, as as stated by Junichi Masuda in Pokémon Peer.
    • Unova is the first region in the main Pokemon series of games not to be based on a location within Japan.
    • The Sky Arrow Bridge strongly resembles the Brooklyn Bridge.
    • Currently Unova is the only region that lacks a Safari Zone (since Heart Gold and Soul Silver put one in Johto) a Department Store and a Game Corner.
    • The Striaton City gym is the first gym to have 3 individual gym leaders, all with different types.

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