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    Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Apr 18, 2005

    Classic first-person arena shooting crosses paths with fast-paced third-person melee combat in this unique Xbox-exclusive spin-off of Unreal Tournament 2004.

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    Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict is a hybrid first-person shooter and third-person action game developed by Epic and published by Midway for the Xbox on April 18, 2005. The console-exclusive spinoff of Unreal Tournament 2004 (and the sequel to Unreal Championship), Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict combines the classic first-person shooter qualities of the previous Unreal Tournament games with new fast-paced third-person melee combat.

    It is the first Unreal Tournament game to feature a full-fledged single-player campaign that incorporates storytelling. In this campaign, called "Ascension Rites", players control the Nahkti mercenary Anubis, who fights in the 523rd Ascension Rites tournament (a competition used to find a new emperor of the mystic Nahkti people, this time sponsored by the Liandri Mining Corporation) to prevent his former lover, Selket, from becoming Empress. (as she cares more about her sponsorship with Liandri than her people).

    Along with the single-player campaign, the game includes the traditional tournament-style campaigns ("ladders") for individual characters (giving details about their unique backstories), as well as a difficult challenge mode and Xbox Live multiplayer for up to eight players (including split-screen multiplayer with two players per console). The game also includes references to and assets from Midway's Mortal Kombat franchise, including the concept of fatalities, the Mortal Kombat announcer, and Raiden as a secret unlockable character.


    Gameplay wise, the biggest new feature, sadly lost in later Unreal Tournament titles, is the increased importance of melee combat. The melee combat is handled from a third person perspective, which is fine considering the camera always stays properly behind your character and there is also a lock-on feature, which allows you to target specific enemies. Also, if you’re being shot at while in third person you can also deflect shots away from you. The melee combat is heavily influenced by Mortal Kombat (of course due to Midway being the publisher). You can freeze or stun the enemy and perform a Coup De Grace, which is reminiscent of fatality moves. If you’re not particularly interested with melee combat, then you can just opt to play Unreal Championship 2 like a shooter, either in first person or third person perspective.

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    The game also features a challenge mode, which is interesting in particular as it pits you in difficult situations with all odds against you with unlockable characters and bots as rewards.

    The online play supports up to eight players. There are a total of six modes, two of which are brand new to the Unreal series: Nali Slaughter and Overdose. There are a number of pacifistic Nali wandering the map in Nali Slaughter mode, and as the name suggests, the entire purpose is to murder more helpless Nali than the other players. Overdose sees the player carry a series of balls across a map without dying, and plays out much like a sports game. There are over forty multi-player maps available to play, all of which are available for online, split screen, and system link play.

    Also unlike other games in the series, the choice of character in UC2 is far more than cosmetic; characters have different pistols, melee weapons, and Adrenaline abilities, and have different stats, such as Selket, who is fast but has low health, or Szalor, who is fairly slow but can take quite a pounding before finally going down.



    Race: Nahkti

    Starting Weapons: Nahkti Scorpions, Energy Staff

    Adrenaline Abilities: Energy Burst, Repulse, Heal, Warrior Spirit

    A prince to an illustrious Nahkti family (whose ancestors include over a dozen emperors), Anubis was favored to win the previous Ascension Rites tournament ten years ago, only to leave prior to the competition in mysterious circumstances. After serving in the Desert Legion, he enters the 523rd Ascension Rites tournament (with help from his mentor, Sobek) to prevent his former suitor, Selket, from becoming empress.

    Melee Attacks

    There are both light and heavy attacks within the game, as well as the aforementioned Coup De Grace finishers.

    Light Attacks

    Light attacks are a good way to chip away at an opponents health They are quick with little downtime, and the player can move while still performing them, thus making it possible to strafe around an opponent and look for an opening.There also is a strategy to using them. By consecutively hitting an opponent 4 times with a melee attack, it is possible to freeze them, thus leaving them vulnerable to more attacks or more importantly, a finishing move.

    Heavy Attacks

    Unlike light attacks, the player cannot move while performing a heavy attack, but as the name implies, this move is very powerful. It is a good move to use after freezing someone as a quick way to deal a lot of damage.

    Coup De Grace

    Unreal Championship 2's form of fatalities (To the point where the announcer shouts FINISH HIM when you start one), Coup De Grace are button combinations unique to each player that finish off an opponent in style. An opponent needs to be frozen in order to be Coup De Grace'd, so it is not able to be overused.


    Melee Weapons

    Nahkti Staff: Anubis

    Legion Sword: Sobek

    Nahkti Swords: Selket

    Thunder Staff: Raiden

    Nahkti Axe: Apophis

    Liandri Hammers: Raptor, Syzygy

    Necris Swords: Calypso, Lauren, Lilith

    Molten Kama: Devastation

    Dark Staff: Brock, Judas

    Juggernaut Fists: Arclite, Gorge, Jackhammer

    Cryo Swords: Sapphire

    Skaarj Blades: Szalor, Garek, Kraag, Torgr

    Cryo Staff: Malcolm


    Nakhti Scorpions:Primary Fire: Energy Shot

    Alt-Fire: Immobilizing Energy Charge

    Skaarj Razik:Primary Fire: Poison Projectiles

    Alt-Fire: Slowing Poison

    Liandri Rivet Gun:Primary Fire: Rivet Shot

    Alt-Fire: Spike Stake

    Dual Enforcers:Primary Fire: Enforcer Bullets

    Alt-Fire: Ice Blast (Human), Bullet Spray (Juggernaut), Nanoblack Stun (Necris)

    * Combat Reload: Left Trigger while firing.

    Lightning Bolts:Primary Fire: Lightning Bolts

    Alt-Fire: Immobilizing Energy Shock

    Energy Weapons

    Sniper Rifle:Primary Fire: Three Shot

    Alt-Fire: Sniper Scope

    Shock Rifle:Primary Fire: Energy Beam

    Alt-Fire: Shock Core

    Bio Rifle:Primary Fire: Tarydium Canister

    Alt-Fire: Charge Multiple Canisters

    Stinger:Primary Fire: Tarydium Cystal Shards

    Alt-Fire: Homing Shards

    Explosive Weapons

    Rocket Launcher:Primary Fire: Missile

    Alt-Fire: Multi-Missle

    Flak Cannon:Primary Fire: Flak Fragments

    Alt-Fire: Explosive Shell

    Grenade Launcher:Primary Fire: Explosive Grenades

    Alt-Fire: Explosive Mines

    Ripjack: Primary Fire: Ricocheting Saw

    Alt-Fire: Exploding Blade

    Combo fire: Rip Mine


    Pickups replace those things normally expended during the course of play, and come in the form of Ammunition, Adrenaline, and Health.

    Health:Nanosurgeon packs that work for biological, mechanical, and nanoblack competitors, and come in small and medium sizes.

    Adrenaline:Polysaccharide adenosine triphosphate cores provide extra energy for combatants to spend their special abilities.

    Energy Ammo:Tarydium energy crystals used in Sniper Rifles, Shock Rifles, Bio Rifles, And Stingers.

    Explosive Ammo:Percussex explosives used in Rocket Launchers, Flak Cannons, Grenade Launchers, and Ripjacks

    Power Ups:

    Power ups provide special powers for a limited time, similar to an adrenaline ability. An ion will appear in the upper left corner of the H.U.D. with a meter that slowly drains.Super Health:Boosts the combatant's health to the maximum.

    Super Adrenaline:Gives the combatant a full recharge of adrenaline.

    Damage Amplifier:Also known as UDamage, the Damage Amplifier increases the power of damage of all weapons.

    Invisibility:Makes the combatant nearly invisible.

    * Note: Some adrenaline abilities will counter this effect.

    Adrenaline Abilities

    Coup De' Grace!!!
    Coup De' Grace!!!

    Adrenaline can boost a players abilities to superhuman levels. The players current Adrenaline level appears as a series of blue bars in the upper left of the H.U.D., and depletes with use. Each player has six abilities, two of which are shared among all players (speed and nimble).

    Berserk: Rage makes you tougher, fire faster, do more damage, and helps you see enemies.

    Blade Burst: Deadly orbiting blades injure nearby enemies.

    Blade Shield: A shield of blades reduces explosive damage.

    Cannibalize: Construct ammunition from your robot body.

    Concussion: Dazes and disorients your enemies.

    Discharge: Creates a charge which arcs to a nearby foe.

    Earthquake: Mangles your enemies with every step.

    EMP: Electromagnetic pulse that detonates most projectiles.

    Energy Burst: Deadly eruption of energy injures nearby opponents.

    Energy Shield: A shield that reduces energy damage.

    Ethereal: Enemies see you slightly out of position.

    Fear: Stop an enemy from using adrenaline.

    Flash: Blinds nearby enemies for a few precious moments.

    Head Turret: Activates visor-mounted automated defenses.

    Heal: Partially recover from your injuries.

    Homing: Makes your projectiles home in on your target.

    Ice Burst: Nearby enemies are frozen solid.

    Iron Spirit: Encases your body in solid armor.

    Nimble: Increases agility and reduces effects of gravity.

    Poison Cloud: Blights enemies with a debilitating toxin.

    Predator: Boosts speed and damage for your blades and helps you spot enemies.

    Primal Scream: Stop nearby enemies from using adrenaline.

    Radar: Activates threat detection software.

    Regenerate: Slowly increases your health.

    Repulse: Magnetic field pushes away projectiles.

    Self-Destruct: Overheat your core, causing massive meltdown.

    Sentinel: Launches allies that fire upon nearby enemies.

    Siphon: Nanoblack cloud that drains enemy health.

    Smash: Pound the ground and people get hurt.

    Speed: Additional burst of speed.

    Stun Trap: Creates an electronic trap to sun an enemy.

    Teleport: Instantly transports you across the arena.

    Unstoppable: Makes you invulnerable, but you slowly lose health.

    Upgrade: Summons robots to repair your chassis.

    Vampire: Heal yourself by damaging enemies.

    Vampire Cloud: Nanoblack cloud that drains enemies health.

    Warrior Spirit: increases firing rate and speed and helps you spot enemies.

    Wraith: Become a ghost, barely affected by enemies, that detects enemy life force.

    Unreal Bots

    Apophis: Nakhti Male

    Calypso: Necris Female

    Corrosion: Liandri Bot

    Darius: Nakhti Male

    Garek: Skaarj Warrior

    Hyena: Nakhti Male

    Jackhammer: Juggernaut Male

    Judas: Necris Male

    Korig: Skaarj Warrior

    Kraag: Skaarj Warror

    Lilith: Necris Female

    Memphis: Nahkti Female

    Mirage: Nakhti Male

    Nepthys: Nakhti Female

    Ra: Nakhti Male

    Syzygy: Liandri Bot


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