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Unreal Tournament 2003 is a futuristic arena-based first-person shooter developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes and published by Atari for the PC on October 1, 2002. The sequel to Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003 brings the fast-paced multiplayer franchise to the Unreal Engine 2 game engine while adding new weapons, levels, characters, game modes, and gameplay mechanics (such as double-jumping and the Adrenaline system). The game was later released for the Xbox in November 12, 2002, under the name Unreal Championship, as a flagship title for the Xbox Live online service. An enhanced version of the game, Unreal Tournament 2004, was released over a year later, adding tons of new content (including content from the original Unreal Tournament).

Game Modes


Players gain points for fragging any other player.

Team Deathmatch

The objective is the same as normal death match however the players are split into two teams and the player will only gain points for fragging the opposing team.

Capture The Flag

Players much attempt to enter the enemies base, grab their flag and then transport it back to their own base. If they successfully capture the flag then that team will gain points.

Double Domination

Teams fight over control points on the map. Teams must hold both locations to gain points.

Bombing Run

Players must attempt to grab a ball and score it in a goal which is placed in the enemies base. Players can pass the ball between themselves by using a special type of gun which can lead to a more tactical game.

Last Man Standing

Players in this game type have a limited number of lives.


A co-op game type where you play with all the players in the server in an attempt to kill the invading alien AI. If you are killed, you must sit out until your team clears the map of aliens.


The first person to make a kill becomes the mutant, which gives them unlimited ammo, camouflage, and super speed. The mutant then tries to get as many kills as he can until he's killed. The person who kills the mutant then becomes the mutant and so the pattern continues.


Assault Rifle

The Assault rifle
The Assault rifle
  • Primary fire: Medium rate of automatic fire, negligible damage. Get thee to a stronger weapon.
  • Secondary fire: Grenade launcher. Barely acceptable damage.

Shield Gun

The Shield gun
The Shield gun
  • Primary fire: Charges the weapon until contact with an opponent upon which it releases a plasma wave which generally kills the opponent in one hit. Basically identical to the old Impact Hammer, except with a new Alt Fire.
  • Secondary fire: Energy shield, renders you invincible from the front.

GES Bio-Rifle

The GES Bio-rifle
The GES Bio-rifle
  • Primary fire: Rapidly fires small globs of toxic bio-sludge. In no way useful.
  • Secondary fire: Fires one large glob, size and damaged caused depends on how long you hold it down for. Slightly useful.

ASMD Shock Rifle

The ASMD Shock Rifle
The ASMD Shock Rifle
  • Primary fire: Fires a hitscan beam of pure energy, acceptable damage.
  • Secondary fire: Fires a slow moving plasma charge, decent damage.
  • Combo attack: Shoot the alt fire plasma charge with the primary fire energy beam. The charge will explode, releasing a devastating shock wave that can kill instantly at close range.

Link Gun

The Link Gun
The Link Gun
  • Primary fire: Fires plasma bursts in random directions, totally useless except at close range.
  • Secondary fire: Fires a continuous stream of plasma that burns through enemy health like gas-soaked matchsticks.
  • Combo attack: Firing the energy stream into a teammate also holding the Link Gun vastly increases the power of their weapon as long as your fire is kept up. If several people form a Link chain and pass the energy along, the Link Gun at the head of the chain will become one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Excellent for base defence.


The Minigun
The Minigun
  • Primary fire: Incredibly fast automatic fire.
  • Secondary: Much slower rate of fire, but each individual bullet does more damage.

Flak Cannon

The Flak Cannon
The Flak Cannon
  • Primary fire: Ionized flechettes launch in a spread pattern directly from the barrel.
  • Secondary fire: Launches a flechette grenade that explodes on impact, radiating shrapnel in all directions.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher
The Rocket Launcher
  • Primary fire: Fires a single rocket. Disappointing damage.
  • Secondary fire: Fires up to three rockets, depending on how long you hold the fire button for. Can lock onto opponents; sending a salvo of heat-seeking missiles to take down an enemy always puts a smile on your face.

Lightning Gun

The Lightning Gun
The Lightning Gun
Identical to the old sniper rifle, except with a silly sci-fi theme that gives away your position every time you fire.

  • Primary fire: Fires a bolt of electricity, headshots cause one-hit kills.
  • Secondary fire: Zoom in or out.

Ion Painter

The Ion Painter
The Ion Painter
  • Primary fire: Fires a harmless laser at the target... that happens to cause an orbital Ion Cannon satellite to rain atomic death down upon that spot.
  • Secondary fire: Zooms in using the sight.

The Redeemer

The Redeemer
The Redeemer
The Ultimate Weapon.
  • Primary fire: Fires a slow moving nuclear missile. If you are anywhere near the point of impact when it goes off, you will die.
  • Secondary fire: Same as before, except it gives you direct control over the flight of the nuke. This renders your body helpless, so make sure you've got some cover before you launch.

Unreal Championship

Unreal Tournament 2003 was ported to the Xbox in November, 2003 under the new title of "Unreal Championship".

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Unreal Championship was a flagship title for the launch of Xbox Live, used extensivly in the pre-release promotion. The port featured few changes beyond minor accomidations for the Console, chief among these changes was the differentiation of the playable races. Originally in Unreal Tournament 2003 the choice of player races was a purely visual option but in Unreal Championship but the choice of race changes things such as health, speed and value of adrenaline. For example the "Anubans" benefit more from the aquisition of aderenaline than any other race. These changes however are ultimately minor. The resulting port is fundamentally a carbon-copy of the original game featuring the same maps, modes and weapons but lacking the ability to access " mods".

Original System Requirements


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, Pentium III or AMD Athlon 1.0 GHz processor, 128 MB RAM minimum (256 MB recommended), 3.5 GB free, 64 MB of video memory recommended


Linux 2.2 or Windows 98-XP, 733 MHz x86 CPU, 128 MB RAM, video card with 16 MB RAM, 3 GB HDD space, DirectX 8.1 or OpenGL 1.2


Mac OS X 10.2.6 , 700 MHz PowerPC G4 CPU, 256 MB RAM, GeForce 2 MX or Radeon with 32 MB RAM, 3 GB HDD space

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